My Take On Friday Night Lights Week 1

My Take On Friday Night Lights Week 1

17.1 – Hard But Not THAT Bad

Friday Night Lights was a huge success last week. We had 22 members complete the workout and several members show up to watch and cheer them on. I would have to say it is hands-down my favorite CPM experience thus far. I’m hooked… the open is for me. You can still get in on the fun. Show up this Friday to participate in the workout or cheer us on!

My Thoughts…

  • The participants were super motivated and the spectators were extremely encouraging! I’ve never been so driven to do well in a workout!
  • 17.1 was harder for the men than the women. I don’t want to pull the “height card” but this workout was not tall-people friendly. And from the looks of the scores, it was definitely tougher on the men.
  • When I get tired, I like to do a dumbbell snatch without bending at the hips or the knees. And it makes my back nice and tight for a few days after!
  • It’s worth it to scale when necessary. The DB snatch weight was heavy. It’s not worth it to try to muscle your way through it only to get injured or be sore for 7 days!
  • The workout was difficult but it wasn’t different than something we would do at CPM on any given day. So what made it so hard? The 20 minute cap and the fact that you know you are competing in an open workout. It drives up the intensity A LOT!
  • It’s really fun to do the workout and compare yourself to other athletes. For instance, we had 7 CPM members finish the workout under the 20 minute cap doing it RX’d. 4 of them were women, 3 of whom ranked in the top 12 of South Dakota…. easily!
  • Don’t participate if you can’t handle losing. You’ve got issues if that’s the case. No one and I mean NO ONE at CPM can win every workout! Be realistic and have fun 🙂
  • Next year, I will get certified to be a judge for the Crossfit Open. A few of our members wanted to submit scores but were unable to without a video. And we heard they are being SUPER picky with the videos. If I get certified they will be able to submit a score without so much hassle.
  • Everyone will have a workout that they excel at and a few at which they don’t. It’s easy to get hung up on the fact that you didn’t do so well in 17.1. But, if you look at the big picture, most people didn’t do all that well in that workout. The next workout might be right up your alley. If I could choose, I would like it to be a row for time or maybe rowing + wallballs…. if only they would do that! You could expect a really good score out of me for that!
  • Watch the reveal of 17.2 tonight. It will be worth your time especially if you are participating.

It’s not too late to get in on the fun. Show up to cheer us on or participate in the workouts. You will not regret it!!


The O-Board Says…

12 Days of Xmas Style

1 Squat Clean
2 Strict Press
3 Overhead Squats/Front Squat
4 Sit to Stand
5 Snatch
6 Push-Ups
7 Sit-Ups
8 Push Press
9 Hang Cleans
10 Lunges
11 Burpees
12 Deadlift