My Top 5 Favorite Moments at CPM

My Top 5 Favorite Moments at CPM

I have many many fond memories of my time at CPM. A few always stand out in my mind though.

Let’s do a countdown…

5️⃣ Where’s The Beef? – Never will I ever forget the time that Bort showed up with his son’s shirt instead of his own. And to top it off, it said “Where’s The Beef.” Let’s just say Bort looks good in a crop top! 🤣
4️⃣ Face Mask – A young adult shows up to class with an oxygen deprivation mask. Talk about an awkward class and a heavy breather! Chris made him take off the mask 😳

3️⃣ Extra Credit for Winning the Warm-Up Lap – I told the class I would give reps to whoever could win the warm-up lap that day. Russ manages to push Pete into the door at the finish to get himself the win! Heck yeah!!
2️⃣ Squat Clean Fail – I managed to catch Cory’s failed squat clean and Brent’s rescue in slow motion. We’ve watched this video over and over to see the different reactions from the crowd. Intense doesn’t describe this moment!
1️⃣ First muscle ups / Friday Night Lights / Farm Throwdown / CPM Kids / Memorial Murph / Birthday WODS…I love them all! I can’t choose a number one.

Thank you all for the great CPM memories. I’m blessed to have each and every one of you in my life 🤗

~ Mother Plucker

Workout of the Day
2-Rounds for Time:
24 DB Row
24 Wallballs
200m double rack carry or farmer carry
24 Wt. Step-UPs
24 Wallballs
24 DB Cleans