My Weak Spots

My Weak Spots

Where do I begin?

Last week I shared with you the top 3 things I believe make me a success. This week it’s the top 3 things I think I need to improve upon. For this, I looked at my life as a whole. Were are the holes? What is causing me to miss out on things that I should be a part of? Why am I not able to help others in need? So here it goes…

1️⃣ Handling My Anxiety – While it’s not a major issue in my life, I do go through phases of waking up in the night with anxiety. It might be about work, money, kids, pets…I’ll obsess over something completely out of my control. I’ve started to use this thought “What’s the worst thing that could happen?” when thinking about my issue. Turns out, it works for me because most of the time the worst thing that could happen is very minor or not even realistic. I’d like to learn to control the anxiety or find the trigger.

2️⃣ Socializing – Outside of work, I’m not a social person. I’m tired at night and I rarely want to leave my house unless I’m coaching my kids. Ask me to meet you for a drink or dinner and I will most likely say no. I’ve probably lost some friends over this and I know I need to improve on it. Finding time for activities I enjoy and friends is important… time to make it happen. But first… I must find friends 😂

3️⃣ Being Patient with My Parents – It’s not easy for me to find time to help my parents but that has to change. They need me now more than ever and I must fit them into my schedule. It’s interesting how you transition from being cared for to caring for someone. My parents are amazing and did so much for me. I’m ready to return the favor ❤️

Stress Less 😊 Live More ☀️ Help Others 🤗

I’ll give it a shot!

~ Mother Plucker

Workout of the Day
Double or Nothing

2-rounds For Time:
22 Cal row
22 DB Split Squats (each leg)
22 Burpee (to Plate)
22 Double Unders
22 DB Push Press
22 Double Unders
22 Pushups
22 Cal Row