Need a Pep Talk? Give one TO get one.

Two of my favorite momma’s

Stuck in a rut?

Feeling down in the dumps?

Is nothing getting you going lately?

How do you snap out of it?

Here is a great way to snap out of it and get you right back on track…Give NOT get a pep talk!

I was chatting with someone very important to me the other day. And they were telling me how they had coffee with a family member and she really pumped them up to go out there and follow their dream and stop settling for what they didn’t want because they were afraid of failure. The result was not only did she help her family member out but it ended up that she started to pump herself up as well.

I have found one of the best ways to re-light your fire and get yourself right back on track with your goals and dreams is to help someone that is in need of some help and give them the good ol’ 1-2-3 Pep Talk. You start to realize that the advice you give someone you care about is the very exact advice YOU need to follow yourself. And by explaining to someone else you end up firing yourself up.

For example: As I write this right now I am firing myself up!!!:-)

Who out there needs some advice? Any family members, friends, co-workers, workout buddies, your pet, gardener, trainer???