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Our Events Page

We like Events. We will do them often. Because of this we have created an EVENTS PAGE. Our events page is your go to page for upcoming challenges, information, events and latest happenings at the gym.

Just in case it is located under our Schedule Tab.

ALL IN Challenge Status Update

Last Monday we discussed the success standards to go along with the food standards of the challenge. Week 2 is the get over the hump week. History shows after the first 2 weeks you body is given enough time to ‘fat adapt’ from relying on sugar as fuel. Also, the 2 week marks the end of the ‘carb flu’ and the withdrawals + detox that comes with it.

Self Efficacy is our theme for the week and the name of the game as you finish Week 2 STRONG!

Next Monday, April 14th during the meeting we will cover:
Chapters 4-5 of It Starts With Food. Cravings and Hormones is on the table.

Please don’t forget to print out and fill out the personal assessment page discussed at the meeting. (You may need it in the near future… just saying…)

Hoodie Pre Order

The hoodies are starting to make their appearance around the gym. Be on the lookout for some updates coming soon to the announcement board.

The O-Board Says…

20 Power Snatch
20 Lunge
20 Split Jerk
20 Sumo Deadlift High Pull
20 Front Squats

Complete 4 Burpees on the Minute

Post by Chris.