New Experience = New Motivation

New Experience = New Motivation

Our Crossfit Games Experience…

was pretty darn awesome. It exceeded my expectations. Who knew spectating could be so exhausting?? If we weren’t standing on concrete, we were sitting or laying on concrete. Or we were eating?  But for the record, that was probably some of the cleanest eating I’ve done on vacation…. thanks to Court and Lisa!

My big takeaways:

  • I will be attending the games next year. For sure.
  • Watching the athletes in person really gives you a new perspective on it. The number of workouts and the intensity of the workouts in one weekend is unreal. They are amazing.
  • I will probably get coliseum tickets next year if possible. We were able to watch the outdoor events, masters and teens which was great. But I would like to see the indoor events for the individuals too.
  • Stay for the Sunday events. We left after the first event on Sunday but I think it would be worth it to watch the final events.
  • Save my money for the vendors. I could have spent hundreds of dollars at the Born Primitive alone ?
  • Missy should train for the masters division. Do it Missy!
  • Some of the masters workouts seem a little over the top. Just my opinion. I felt bad for those guys ☹️
  • I’m pulling for Fikowski, Vellner and Sara next year. I know it’s a long shot for both but I’m optimistic. They have great personalities and are definitely crowd favorites.

If you didn’t get the chance to watch the workouts this weekend, you can view them HERE.


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The O-Board Says…

5 Round Fridays

5 Rounds for Time
400m Run
12 DB Man Makers
12 Dips
12 Toe To Bar