Am I Too Old To Try New Things?

Am I Too Old To Try New Things?

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Am I Too Old To Try New Things?

I hate to admit this but I’m starting to get nervous about trying new things. What got me thinking about this? Let’s start with last weekend…wakeboarding. Never tried it. I’m a decent waterskier so I figured this wasn’t that much of a stretch. Well after a few tries, I figured out it was going to take me some time to wakeboard well. After I finished my attempts, my friend gives it a shot. She pops out of the water, heads straight out of the wake and face plants. Her neck is hurting and she says it hurt BAD. I immediately decide I will not try wakeboarding again. I’ve face planted and thrown my neck out of wack enough slalom skiing to know it doesn’t feel good.

I’m 39, not even 40 yet. But I find myself thinking “why would I try this at the age of 39?” This carries over to the gym. I love power cleans, heavy power cleans, and I want to do more weight. But with more weight comes risk of injury. Same thing with bar muscle-ups. I can do them but not well. So do I continue to work on them or do I give up and decide it’s not worth the risk? I honestly don’t know!

Chris has recently asked me to step out of my comfort zone at CPM and start personal training. Personal training… hmm. I’m quite comfortable with my current coaching schedule, admin work, etc. Do I want to try to add this into my life? With personal training comes responsibility to your clients. If I’m training someone, it’s my job to get them the results they want. That means the workouts are tailored to their needs, I’m making sure they eat clean, get enough sleep, stretch, manage their anxiety… WOW! But this sounds exciting, really exciting! I can’t imagine anything more rewarding than bringing someone fitness and health. It’s a process but a process that is well worth the investment of time and energy.

I will keep you posted on my journey. Wakeboarding, power cleans, muscle-ups, personal training. I’m 39, almost 40 but I feel like life has just begun. It’s amazing!


PS – Get to the gym tomorrow! It’s 4th of July weekend and there is no better way to start the weekend than with a GREAT workout!!


The Oboard Says..
Part A.
EMOTM 10 min
Odd- 20 Shoulder Taps
Even- 20 KB Swings
Part B.
For Time:
600m Farmer Carry
50 Toes To Bar
40 Box Jumps
30 Deadlifts
*15 minute cap

Posted by: Emily