One Day At A Time

Let Me Start

By saying thanks to everyone who came to the first CPM Combine.  I had a great time watching everyone’s performances, and I think many of you were enlightened about how capable you are.  The Combine was blast and I eagerly await the next one.  Of course, I need to recover fully first.  I’m still pretty beat up 🙂

A Little Reflection

After the combine, I dug through my old workout journaling to see what my improvements were.  I focused specifically on the clean and the pullups going into the Combine.  I found out that on October 16th, 2012 my max clean was 245 lbs.  I could not find any indication of how many pullups I could do, but I definitely improved and set a new benchmark for myself Saturday.


A blogger I read on occasion mentioned a rule I quite like.  He said, and I paraphrase, “Follow the 1% rule.  Try every week to become 1% better physically, emotionally, and mentally.”

Think about that for a second.  I get caught up sometimes trying to get everything I want so quickly.  I need it NOW!  But what if I were to just focus on 1% better each week?  1% a week seems attainable.

1% a week would be 52% per year.  That’s pretty good over the long term.

My Clean Didn’t Get 1% Better Per Week

Since October of 2012.  I made an improvement of about 20% over my max effort clean 2 years ago.  I’m quite happy with that number.  I met my expectation, and that felt really good.

My overall fitness since October 2012 has improved greatly.  My journaling hasn’t been the best, so it’s hard to assign and exact number to the improvement to know if hit the 1%/week mark.  I know that I’m in better shape now than I was then, and that’s really all that matters.

Narrow the Focus

And improve the outcome.  Now that we have a baseline of performance from this years Combine, be thinking about making a 1%/week improvement in your health and fitness over the next year.  We won’t repeat the exact Combine next time, but we will repeat some of the movements for comparison.

How do you feel that your fitness has progressed over the last year?  Does the 1% rule make sense to you?  Let me know what you think!

The O-Board Says…

Part A.
Use 8 Rounds @ 90s/Round
5-3-3-2-1-1-1-1 reps
Squat Clean

Part B.
2 Rounds for Time
800m Run
10 Squat Clean (70% of A.)
10 Tall Box Jump

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