One Day At A Time…

Getting overwhelmed is in our blood. In today’s world we think so fast we out think ourselves. We have so much too do we will never finish our to-do list. With our work/careers, family, friends, workouts, grocery shopping, personal life, keeping the house up, paying your bills, taking the car to get serviced, and all of the random things that happen that you can not control. It can feel like you will never get to what you really want to get to.

And it seems like the more we think about how much more we want to accomplish the more it seems it will never get done.

How can we do it?

Take it one day at a time.


That seems way to simple for the amount of things I need to get done.

Talk about the Robb Wolf idea.

Have you eaten a 3 egg omelette with veggies and avocado?
Have you had a steak salad with broccoli, kale,

Have you gotten up early to read/journaled before anyone else has woken up in your house?
Have you pre-planned your day the night before and successfully hit everything you were supposed too?
Have you

When I feel like my brain is going to implode I…

-Stop whatever I am doing. Because everything that I have been doing is obviously not working.
-I grab a blank piece of paper or my journal and begin to write down everything in my head. This helps my get everything out of my head on to paper. This includes all the thoughts going on, I ask myself questions about what is wrong and answer them honestly (even if they are irrationale). The process of doing this will instantly make you feel better.