Open Letter to Downtown Sioux Falls

Open Letter to Downtown Sioux Falls

I am excited for the opportunity to work with you, DTSF, and make CPMFITness 2.0 a major impact on the community.

I feel our resume speaks for itself. We see ourselves with Downtown Sioux Falls as the “Go-To” Health and FITness Facility to the residents, businesses and everyone in the surrounding area. We have built THREE successful 200 member FITness boutique gyms; (CrossFit Sioux Falls (2008-2011), CrossFIT 818 in California (2011-2013) and CPMFITness in the Western Mall (2013 to present). From the last couple months we’ve been talking with the community, local businesses, friends, referrals and I feel you have the ability to plug us into your vision of this great growing city. Having an instant success of creating more awareness, action and excitement in creating a healthier and more FIT community!

We are visionaries and go-getter’s! When we can stand behind something we believe in with everything we’ve got, we will make things happen! I believe in CPMFITness, I see the potential with you, DTSF, and CPMFITness. I see a place for us to grow and all of those things excite me very much!

We love people first. CPM members are the best of the best kind of people. We treat them like GOLD and appreciate them everyday. When someone emails, we email them right back! When someone posts something on Facebook, we post right back! When someone has specific questions, we answer them! We remember everything about everyone.

Our goal is to make each member feel like they are the only client.

The classes we teach is a no holds bar kinda class with the people 1st. The warm up is fun, inviting and welcoming. It is a time to connect or continue to create those powerful relationships. Our instruction is clear and concise.  It has a very personal touch, we remember peoples strengths and weaknesses, their weights, their nicknames, etc… Safety, organization and efficiency is #1 and in place before the workout begins. When the class begins we light it on FIRE! The music is pumping, the energy is an extreme HIGH, every time someone completes a class they will get results every time.

Our reason for our interest in working with you is simple. We’ve have ran multiple successful gyms. At this stage in our career we want to take our talents and provide the good people of Downtown Sioux Falls the best in health and FITness they deserve and add a new dimension to your city that is needed.

I welcome your feedback.

Thank You in Advance,


The O-Board Says…

2 Rounds of 20 Reps Each;
2 ct Mountain Climbers
Front squats
Toe to bar
Push Press
Narrow Squats
Elevated pushup
Snatch (DB)
Inverted burpee

*Rest 2min after 1st round
*Get 2 scores; Rd 1 and Rd2*

Post by Chris; @cmoknows