Part 1 of 2 DEETs this Week; New Faces…

Today Part 1 of 2 of our New Faces Series. We are excited to officially announce two new staff members.

The first is Shelly Lane. Shelly is like a super momma hero ala great role model to anyone who works full time, has 3 very active daughters, a great wife, friend, wife, stays healthy and fit and oh by the way a great coach and even more awesome person. Needless to say all of us at CPMFITness are very happy she is coaching with us. Here is more about Shelly below. Enjoy…

Tell us about your background. How did you first get exposed to CPMFITness? Take us back to your first workout…What was it? And how did it feel?

I started training at CPMFITness in August 2013. I had first met Chris and Annie back in August of 2009 so when they opened CPMFITness it was an easy transition to train with them again! My first workout consisted of multiple rounds of the Farmer Carry, Broad Jumps and Bear Crawls (who doesn’t LOVE to Bear Crawl across the gym??!!) The workout was just as good as I remembered…..a GREAT butt kicker that felt SO good to complete!

I have been involved in this type of training for the past 5 years and I can truly say that it has been life changing! I can recall many movements during many different workouts that I thought to myself ‘ummmm, NO WAY can I do that!’ I may not have performed each movement perfectly but I have surprised myself over and over again in what I am capable of doing.

I was never an athlete growing up but I have always liked fitness, wellness and nutrition. Over the years it seemed that no matter what type of fitness I started it always became dull and boring so I would quit and move onto the next activity. I have also tried many fad, quick fix diets hoping for the NOW results 😉 when one didn’t give me the speedy results I was looking for I would move onto the next, just like I did with exercising. I went through a lot and mean A LOT of trial and errors in both fitness and nutrition until I found what I feel is the ideal FIT for me. The constantly varied workouts and Yoga that CPMFITness offers keeps me from being bored and I know that each time I show up at the gym I will not be disappointed. For me it was all about the workouts until I joined my first Nutrition Challenge (yep, I have been in more than one challenge….okay lets be honest I have been in MANY nutrition challenges) each challenge brought me to a different place, a better place and I kept building, growing and learning about food and about myself. Each challenge taught me something new about the foods I was eating and what a real meal should look like.

Tell us about your coaching style. What is your secret weapon as a coach?

Coaching at CPMFITness brings everything I have learned so far, full circle! I remember my first day like it was yesterday ~ I now try to coach the way I love being coached. I like to motivated, encourage and joke around with people! It’s very satisfying to encourage someone to try something new or something they think they can’t do and watch them succeed….the look on their faces is priceless. Something and simple or as difficult as getting that first double under or pull-up or lifting a barbell it means something to conquer a skill that intimidates you. So if I tease or joke around with you during a workout, encouraging you to step it up…’s because I have been where you are and I am thankful that someone along the way pushed me out of my comfort zone!

What are your hobbies, interests and/or talents outside of the gym?

Outside CPMFITness I stay busy with my family, we have 3 very busy girls! I actively help at church, currently teaching confirmation for my youngest daughters church group. I love to be outside, I garden during the summer but mowing the yard is my favorite outside ‘chore’! In my ‘down-time’ I enjoy reading, anything from a novel to blogs about fitness, yoga or anything related to wellness.

Let give her a warm welcome in the comments. Please add any warm wishes, words of encouragement/appreciation for Shelly.

The O-Board Says…

EMOTM for 10 Minutes
5 Back Squats

*Last done August 5th, Click HERE*

B. 4 Sets of the Following (30 seconds on; 30 seconds off)
Bar Hang (L Hang)
Kettlebell Swings
Mountain Climbers
Dumbbell Push Press 
Post by Chris; @cmoknows