Part 2 of 2 DEETs this Week; New Faces…

Piggybacking off yesterday’s post today is part 2 of 2 of our New Faces Series. We are excited to officially announce our 2nd of two new staff members…

Emily Plucker

Emily is also like a super momma hero. She is an amazing combo of a fierce competitor and a friendly+helpful person. Emily is coming in to basically run the back office (i.e. Be Stets and my boss:). Emily is our office/admin manager. She will be able to assist you with anything on the membership, classes and assist us in managing anything administrative (her contact info is Emily is also going to begin coaching some of the mid day classes soon. We are very happy she is jumping aboard with us at CPMFITness. Get to know Emily more below. Enjoy…


Briefly tell us about your fitness background:

Like a typical small-town kid, I played a lot of sports growing up but it wasn’t until college that I began to consistently exercise.  I started running long distances and have completed several marathons and a 50 mile ultra-marathon. I’ve always enjoyed forming teams to train together for events and rarely completed a challenge or race without at least one buddy by my side. After 15 years of running, I jumped into various group fitness classes at local gyms.

When did you first start training at CPMFITness?

I started CPM in September of 2013.  I noticed the gym in the mall while hanging at Electric Rainbow with my kiddos.  The pull-up rig intrigued me, as I’ve always wanted to be good at pull-ups.

How did you first get exposed to CPMFITness? Take us back to your first workout…What was it? And how did it feel?

After seeing the gym at the mall, I soon discovered that a good friend of mine was already a member and I thought if this gym could make me look like her, I am in!  My first workout was backsquats, kb swings, kb sit-ups and push-ups.  It was hard but I remember thinking I could keep up with stuff like this.  So then the next day we have to do a bunch of doubles and I was like “What is this craziness? No one should subject themselves to this type of torture!” I have since gotten A LOT better at doubles but I can relate to those struggling with them!

What sort of changes have you seen in your life (health/Fitness or otherwise) since starting CPMFITness (before/now)?:

My core strength is ridiculously better.  I thought all of the “ab work” I was doing at my old gym was enough but it was nothing compared to what exercises like kb swings, pull-ups and lifts can do for your core.  I’ve also seen huge changes with my upper body strength.  I’m really happy with that.  The biggest impact CPM has had on my health is with my diet.  I love sweets and, with a diabetic in my family, I should know better than to over-indulge in them. Eating clean makes me feel great and I know I wouldn’t eat clean without having some of my gym buddies do it with me! I do not eat perfect all of the time but it’s nice to have the information I need to be able to get myself back on track quickly when I need to.

Tell us about your coaching style. What is your secret weapon as a coach?

I like to have fun.  We all face challenges in our life and this year I made the decision to be optimistic every single day regardless of what was ahead of me.  I try to bring this to the gym whether I’m working out, shadowing or coaching.  Fitness should be enjoyable and while I realize we need to take it seriously, that doesn’t mean we can’t have a good time!

Please share with us any favorite CPM moments:

I’ve got a lot but a few of my favorites are the presentation of the pink bathrobe to Marin, the day I demoed the handstand in a skirt (ok, that’s not a favorite but funny) and any day that we walk into the gym to some insane workout that we think we can’t complete but we do and we feel like rockstars after it. I also fully appreciate all of the times one of us would finish with some ridiculous rep number or time and we can’t figure out where we went wrong but we put it on the board anyway

What are your hobbies, interests and/or talents outside of the gym? 

The majority of my time outside the gym is spent with my family.  My kids are 7 and 9 so their social lives are busier than mine!  I enjoy coaching and teaching a variety of their activities.  I also love to bake and am working on baking healthier options… that one is hard for me! We live on a farm near Canton so the rest of my time is spent maintaining our acreage. No, we don’t have cows or pigs or anything but we do have a couple dogs and several cats.  Yep, I’m a crazy cat lady

Please join me and welcome Emily to the CPM Team in the comments.

The O-Board Says…

5 Rounds
800 Run
20 Box Jumps
20 Wall Ball
20 Burpees

Post by Chris; @cmoknows