Past < Future

Past < Future

As a young child I felt different. I was a biracial female growing up in a predominately white school. I grew fast. I was a bigger and stronger then most of the girls my age. If you asked some of my classmates, they would tell you they were afraid of me. Not because I was mean but because of the way I looked, this lead to a lot of insecurities. I fell into the trap of wanting to be “thin” and thus began the disordered eating and cardio galore.

Then came college sports⚽ 🏀. It was here that I began to embrace my “superpowers”. Size and strength did matter but in a positive way. I started to become fascinated with muscles.💪🏽 I spent some time in the weight room. I had no idea what I was doing but I knew that I wanted to look like the women on the cover of fitness magazines. After college I began working as a personal trainer. Not only could I help people achieve their goals but I would also have the resources needed to accomplish “that body”.

Then came marriage💍, kids🍼 and more schooling📚. Exercise took a backseat and was used mostly to help manage stress and to fit back into my pre-baby jeans😁.

Let’s fast forward to today. Exercise can be hard work. It’s time consuming and my body often aches following a heavy strength day. So what motivates me? Me.

I have been blessed with a body that has two strong legs, two strong arms and one strong heart❤. Exercise makes me happy, especially squat day but it is also plays an important in managing my Still’s Disease. The heavier I lift the better I feel.

I am guilty of overtraining. I have come to realize that rest and recovery are equally important. It’s ok to take days off. This does not mean I sit around, I still try to do some type of movement every day. Family hikes and nightly walks with the dog are good for the mind and soul.

So although my vision of being one of those fitness models is a thing of the past, it has been exciting to see the physical changes in my body. I am stronger, leaner, happier and more capable than I could ever imagine. The best version of me is still out there and that is what drives me every day. I am excited for what’s ahead!


A. 14min E2MOM:
1 Snatch Grip High Pull
2 Hang Pwr Snatch
3 Overhead Squats

B. For Time:
800m Run
8 Rounds of
8 Overhead Squats
8 Toe to Bar
800m Run

Posted By: Nicole