Pay Now or Pay Later…

Pay Now or Pay Later…

I cringe most of the time when I’m asked that question…”how much does it cost?” I know it’s shocking at first, and there are many personal trainers/gyms who charge twice and three times what we do, and I still think we’re “too expensive”.

Let me back up a bit. I don’t really think we’re too expensive. I think we’re perceived as too expensive to some. But what’s really too expensive is a sedentary lifestyle and poor diet that leads to countless ailments. That crap is expensive. Add up your medical bills this year… Go ahead, I’ll wait…

And not just what you pay out of pocket, but all those statements you get from your insurance company too.  Remember to include cold medicines, upset stomach relief, expensive acne treatments, and over-priced “health foods”.

The masses (that’s you) pour their cash, and the cash of others (that’s me), into bottomless pits; searching for immediate relief of what ails them, and a quick burst of “glee”. None of which is lasting, or credible.

CPMFITness, and the nutritional advice we espouse, will lower these costs drastically! Over the near term, you will be challenged, exhausted, elated, and hopeful. Over the long term, you’ll be healthier by being stronger, leaner and faster. Your immune system will boosted by hormonal balance and optimum nutrient intake.

Additionally, think of the lowered costs of your family’s health care by the positive example you begin to be to them. Two parents who workout, and eat Paleo, will in-turn hopefully feed their children the same way, and encourage them to stay active as well. What better gift are you giving your children than a healthy, long, active life?

In a world that is bent on selling you the quick fix, and the quick fix for your quick fix that didn’t fix anything quick….

Why not try the alternative?
Why not try working for something, instead of buying something?

Let’s earn our health! We may all set goals to lean down, run more, do some pullup’s  but the real reward isn’t in achieving that goal, it’s the ability to set another goal after that, and another after that. Longevity.

The scary thing is if you think we are expensive now. What do you think the cost of your hospital bills will be in the next 5, 10, 20 years???

Yeah, CPMFITness is expensive. But the alternative should be unacceptable.

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Post by Chris.