Perfecting the Snatch…

The “Snatch“, in the world of Olympic Weightlifting is one of the most complex difficult movements to not only perform but to perfect!

For me personally there are so many little tips and tricks to keep while trying to make this movement work for you not against you!

What I realized, was the more I practice the skills and drills of these complex movements the more natural and familiar the lift will become. Seems obvious when put on paper so why not try it in the gym?

CPM’ers don’t get discouraged when you see the word “Snatch” on the O Board. At CPM we are big advocates of the word FUNDAMENTAL (first the word “FUN” is in it which is our motto) and second fundamentals allow you perform these movements safely and effectively. By breaking down the movement piece by piece that movement that we wanted to avoid like the plague is now very attainable and natural to accomplish.

Here is a great blog from TNATION on the 6 most common mistakes in the snatch and how to adjust them to make you much more proficient! There is also helpful videos to go with these tips and if  any of  you are like me, nothing sticks until I see it for myself!

Now you can enjoy this powerful movement and feel like a million bucks in the process!

Today’s Workout:

“Mrs. Sage”.
Complete 5 rounds for time:
10x Power snatch (110#/85#)
15x pull ups
20x DB thrusters (30#/20#)

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