Perfectly Imperfect

Perfectly Imperfect

You are strong enough.

This week I am taking a break from my usual videos to talk about patience and progress.

It can be very easy in the beginning to see results and to feel great and to challenge our bodies and our minds past what we were used to. Eventually the results aren’t coming as fast and it can be easy to get discouraged about what we are doing. While it’s fun to see dramatic before and after pictures we need to celebrate the little victories that we hit along the way.

When I first started practicing yoga about 4 years ago, everything felt tough. My heels didn’t touch the mat when I was in down dog, my chaturanga push-ups weren’t great and I wasn’t anywhere near getting my body into all the crazy poses you see on YouTube and Instagram. Truth be told, even now my heels don’t always touch the mat and that’s okay. Most days they are closer then they were and that to me is progress.

When we think of yoga we automatically think of the poses, but when you study yoga history, asana or poses, are really a minor part of what the ancient teachers thought of when they were teaching yoga. Yoga is about how you act in the world and how you treat yourself. So to worry so much about what poses you can achieve is to disregard all that is wonderful about yoga.

Does that mean I don’t want to challenge myself with different movements, NO! Crow was one of the first challenging poses I attempted and little by little I am getting closer. While it’s easy to look at video of yourself and pick apart what’s wrong, I like to look and see how much stronger my arms have gotten as they can now support me. I see the use of a block as getting smart and using props to support me in poses as I get stronger and better.

Every day that you show up to the gym and put in the time you will start seeing results. We are all a work in progress and I look forward to seeing a gym full of masterpieces!

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The O-Board Says…

For Time
For time:
10 Single-Leg Squats
1 wall walk
20 Single-Leg Squats
2 wall walks
30 Single-Leg Squats
3 wall walks
40 Single-Leg Squats
4 wall walks