Please Welcome Our Newest Instructor to the CPM Team …

First off I am so thrilled to welcome Michelle to the team. She is such a positive motivating hard-working individual. She has grown so much in the year that I have known her, and not only is she one of the nicest most genuine people I know she has such a passion for yoga and teaching.

We are very lucky to have her here!

So Here is a little bit about Michelle…

Briefly tell us about your fitness/yoga background

My fitness background began like many do for young kids. I wanted to be active and involved when I was younger, so I started to join the different activities that were available: softball, volleyball, basketball, baton twirling (standard). As I grew older, I stayed active in different sports, but basketball is where I invested most of my time. Looking back on it, I didn’t consciously think I was beginning my fitness journey, but that is what took place. I went on to play basketball in my first few years of college and then had to put away the shoes to focus on my degree. It was after I quit playing, that I realized I was missed being active and began to attend fitness and yoga classes.

When did you first start training at CPMFITness? How did you first get exposed to CPMFITness? Take us back to your first workout…What was it? And how did it feel?

I started training at CPMFITness when they opened in early August of 2013. My husband and I were both used to being very active in college. The first few years after college, we tried the local “globo gyms” and would go through hot and cold streaks with our attendance. My father-in-law received a terminal diagnosis during this time frame and we began spending nearly all of our free time around him and family. After he passed away, we decided that enough was enough and it was time to get back into a routine with our fitness. The many months of people preparing “comfort” food for our family had finally come to an end and we wanted to start “fresh.” We had discovered a new gym that as going to be opening in the western mall and decided to give it a try. I showed up for my baseline workout and was hooked. The environment fell in line with what I was used to: coaches, training sessions, people working hard right along with you. It was a perfect fit.

What sort of changes have you seen in your life ( Health/Fitness or otherwise) since starting CPMFITness (before/now)?

CPMFITness has been a life changer for me. The obvious reason is from a physical health stand point. The more important one for me is the major impact I feel that has been made on my mental health. It is a great stress reliever and always there for me no matter what happens during my day or in my life. The nutrition challenges have also been a game changer. Annie and Chris’s implementation of the nutrition challenges allowed me to do a 180 degree turn on how I view nutrition. These challenges gave me a concrete foundation to build a truly healthy nutrition platform and they continue to keep me on track.

Tell us about your yoga style. What is your secret weapon?

I prefer an upbeat style of yoga. What I really love about this opportunity of teaching yoga at CPM, is that I am able to focus on helping members improve their movement and help them to maximize their workouts through the supplementation of yoga.

Please share with us any favorite CPM moments

I really enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of the Wine Down Yoga’s. It is a great time to get together for a slower paced yoga class and then enjoy some great company afterward to top it off.

What are your hobbies, interest, and/or talents outside of the gym?

I work as a Dental Hygienist in Sioux Falls, but when I am not working I enjoy spending time with my husband and our families. I love to travel and want to do as much of it as I can, while I can! When we have time in the summer, I enjoy camping and being out on the boat.

The O-Board Says…

Quality Day:
6-8 floor press
45-60 sec rest
10-12 pistols
45-60 sec rest
10-12 1 arm Kb situp
45-60 sec rest
30 second db pushup

3 min / Round Only
Five rounds for time of:
Unbroken Pull-Ups x Max RepsBroad Jumps

Posted by: Annie