Post Workout Musts ….

Now your workout is done you are feeling great, but many of us miss some key points in avoiding injury, fueling our body, and taking the proper steps to keep our body healthy and feeling great today and for many years to come.

Here are four key components that most people forget or ignore in their health and fitness regimen. When you add these to your routine you will feel like a million bucks!

#1 Forgetting Your Cool Down:

Warm up is great but look at the great Michael Phelps, who talks about one of the most important things he does when training or after a race is recovery or cool down swims. This gives your body a chance to flush out the lactic acid in your muscles, help with sore muscles, and prevent tightness and injury. So make sure you take 5-10 minutes after your workout to cool your body down.

#2 EAT! 

A common excuse I hear is “I am just not hungry after a workout”… well too bad eat anyways. Whether it’s a post recovery drink ( I really enjoy SFH Recovery) with water or coconut water, or a lean protein with a carb like 1/2 a sweet potato or veggies. You need to feed your muscle after all the hard work you just accomplished. This will make your muscles repair quickly which will leave you with little soreness and prevent injury. Make sure to keep a snack in your workout bag or keep items in your car that are good grab and go snacks.

#3 Rehydrate

Make sure you get extra H2O, especially when working out if you don’t hydrate your body it can lead to muscle fatigue, cramping, migraines, and make you go from a workout high to a   thirsty low!

#4 Change Your Clothes:

Make sure you bring a change of clothes or rinse off before going on with your day. Sitting in your same old workout clothes will cause acne, infections in the not so pleasant areas, and a permanent workout aroma stain in your clothes.

Add these four key compenents to your workout routine, and you will feel better on the inside and out!

What are some of your post workout routines that really work CPM’ers?

Post your answers in the comments below …

The O-Board Says…

A. 5-4-3-2-1-1-1 Split Jerk

B. 5rds for time;
10 High Box Jump
5 Manmakers with SBall
10 Dumbbell Jerks
1 min handstand hold

Posted by: Annie