With the Sun coming out more and the weather (and gyms) heating up. I figured this is a great opportunity to re-visit a very popular and informational post by our very own “Mayor” Marin Bortnem. She gives you the pro-tips on how to thrive with your dress, sweat, food and how to MAXIMIZE your time while working out over the lunch hour.

Working out at noon… by Marin Bortnem

Alarm clock going off at 5am is not for this gal. That’s early folks, you could be sleeping. After 5pm gets a little hairy.

That leaves noon. It’s a great break to your busy workday and I know I’m in a way better mood and more productive after some AMRAPS and barbells. This equals more productivity! Now that I think about it, my boss should be MAKING me go to the gym and PAYING for it! I’m awesome after a workout.

Let’s break it down into 5 easy steps.

Step #1 = PREP

Pack your bag with some essentials.
1. Workout clothes
2. clean underwear – a must!
3. Baby wipes or another cleansing wipe
4. water bottle
5. head band
6. sweat towel
7. Body spray
8. Deodorant



Step #2 = the WORKOUT

Get your groove on and bust it hard for 45 minutes. No phone calls, no bad news, no interruptions – just do it.

Your mind and body will thank you.


Timing is key – you can get back to your car in less than 10 min. Really! Just move.
1. Down your water bottle and refill for drive back to work
2. Shower, girls – skip washing your hair this takes too long. Boys, do what you do – just hurry so your friends can shower too.
3. Use wipes you packed in your bag if shower not accessible.
4. Clothes – on workout days, skip the clothes with lots of buttons or pieces to it, less items to redress with is best. Cut off shirts are nice too if you like to show your guns. Leave a jacket or added pieces in the car you can throw on once you get to office.
5. Hair – can’t stress enough to run with the up-do of some sort. Don’t mess with drying and fixing your hair, working out is a great reason to throw it up and rock.
Leave the window down and let it air dry, quick pony tail or bun before you get inside office and you’re done. Add earrings for some bling!
6. Make-up, you only have 4 ish hours of work left, I’d recommend “au naturale.” if that isn’t your thing, leave some loose powder at your desk you can apply once you’ve cooled off.



Step #4 = FOOD

1. Get to know your drive throughs that are in your path back to work that are quick and healthy to order. Love Panera’s Fugi Apple Salad. Jimmy John’s unwich.
And Drink more water because you’ll be thirsty.
2. OR, if you’re a planner, have that food in your car ready to eat as you drive back to the office or eat at your desk. You can kill a lot of time with food, so be ready with this one and plan for a quick lunch.
Another plus after a great workout, you won’t want to eat french fries – you’ll feel better and eat better. Mark my words, I’ve tried lots of versions!

Last Step = HOME

1. Get the sweaty clothes out of your bag asap! I’ve ruined too many tank tops letting them sauté in that bag all night.
2. Pack your bag and get ready to do it again tomorrow!

It’s that easy! If you schedule your workout like an appt at noon, you won’t skip it.

And if meetings won’t allow – break my rules and get up early to do it.

Hope to see you for a nooner.

The O-Board Says…

3-rounds for time:
10 front rack lunges
10 burpees
10 front squat
8 burpees
10 toes to bar
6 burpees
10 power cleans
4 burpees
10 front rack lunges
2 burpees

Post by Chris; follow me on snapchat; mr_cpm