Pre Game Time… I’m Excited! Lets Crush it!

Pre Game Time… I’m Excited! Lets Crush it!

BREAKING NEWS!! The Whole Life Challenge starts Saturday… Here is a checklist of blogs to read, to prep, plan and get yourself ready before we begin…

Pre-Game Lifestyle Practice(s) of…
Nutrition = Prepare Your Kitchen
Mobility = Daily Ideas and Tips
Exercising = Simple 10 minute Workouts (for when you don’t make it to class)
Nightly Routine = 90 minute Nightly Routine for Rockstars (this is what I personally need the most:)

Congrats to taking the 1st step towards changing your mindset, making a commitment and taking action towards a healthier and happier lifestyle!

(some last minute concerns/questions)

Will this cost you anymore time? No, we still have the same amount of time. However, it will cost you some more energy to learn, be aware and work towards a better you… But you already need to do that anyway!

What if I fail? Were you supposed to be perfect?!?! Of course you will slip up. The objective is for you to be more mindful. Plan ahead. Ask yourself if it’s worth it. Budget your non-complaint actions.

What do I win? If this changes you in some way mentally, emotionally and/or physically for the good… Then you are welcome! You will win a better life;-)

I already do everything the challenge requires… Okay.. That’s cool… How about you prove it? How about you take it to the next level? How about you help others and end up helping yourself MORE in the process?

What did I miss? Do you have any last minute concerns? Objections? Have you heard something from others that I can help address?


Today’s Workout is…

A: Elevated Deadlifts

B. AMRAP 18 min
50 Doubles
10 Box Jump Overs

Post by Chris; @mr.cpm