Pre WOD Talk

What are YOUR thoughts during a WoD (Workout of the Day)?…How do you talk to in
your head to get you through the WoD?

Armen, Z and I were doing our baseline for our Jackie Challenge yesterday at lunch. Armen and I went in the 1st heat. Z and an out-of-town CrossFitter (and serviceman!), Mike, were in the 2nd heat. I noticed how each of us performed in the WoD…the way each of us performed the 1000m row, the way the reps were broken up on the thrusters and how the workout was finished with the pull-ups.

I personally started out the workout with no plan. And for me, being a planner, that was not wise.
Because of my lack of clarity prior to the workout my score suffered. My goat with the Jackie is the Thrusters. Its not heavy, its just a MENTAL goat. Looking back if I had a number goal of multiple sets to hit the 50 reps my time would have improved.  and then 30 pullups on top of that after is also possible but hasn’t happen. With my thrusters I had no plan… So I let myself off the hook.

After the WoD, I was talking with Z and his goal was to be consistent and go unbroken. He was clear with his approach. His ‘WoD talk’ was counting down. Every time he starts his set, he mentally breaks the reps down into multiple smaller set, and counts those reps down in his head. He did a four
minute 1000m row, then 41 of 50 Thrusters unbroken, and all 30 pullups unbroken. Because he was clear with his approach in advance, he executed his plan and PR’d BIG TIME!

So much of YOUR success in the workouts is not what’s going on physically, but more so what is going on mentally inside your head. I like to remind people (during the WoD) make your brain move your body. You need to set yourself up for success before the workout.

What do you need to do before the WoD begins that will…

Make you continue to move?
Continue to push?
Continue to excel?

What goes on in your head the moment right before the music goes up, the clock starts ticking?

Do you YELL at yourself? Encourage yourself?

Do you look at the whiteboard to see where others have finished to set your goal?

Do you worry about being First vs. Last?

What are YOUR thoughts that fill YOUR head before a WoD?

Sound off in the comments.