Pretty Please …

From early childhood I can remember I always wanted to smile and be pretty. I thought if I was pretty people would like me and if I smiled and acted cute I would be “happy” and people would think I was a nice person.

I always thought of myself as the girl who was good at sports, not very smart, and could use my smile and my personality to get me where I needed to go. I believed the better I tried to look and the prettier I could become the more people would like me and want to be around me.

It was this empty feeling deep within that was never being healed the more I looked for validation from others. I felt I meant something or had a purpose if people liked the way I looked.

Why did it matter “how pretty I was” how about the pretty qualities I had to offer others. Why was my whole world revolving around what others thought. I began to let being pretty, being liked, being in shape, be the determining factor of who I was.

I focused on the fact if I was in the best shape, had the cutest clothes, put a smile on my face I would be successful … I hit a breaking point where I could no longer take the pressure. My body was broken, I didn’t look or feel pretty, my facade of a smile was filled with emptiness and sorrow.

I had to change my whole view of myself. When I looked in the mirror it was not the person I knew I could be. Why was I not embracing the all the beauty I had to offer from the inside?

The more I was worried about what everyone else was thinking the less I could be focused on fulfilling my passion and helping others with their health and fitness goals. I had to start finding the “beauty” within .. I started focusing on helping others and letting beauty radiate through the talents and skills God has provided me with.

I started to not focus on what others thought of me and more on what i could do to help others. Through much hard work and dedication ( that I am still working on each and everyday) I am coming to terms with what Beauty means to me and my life.

My definition of beauty now has nothing to do with looks, or physique …

It has to do with the inner peace we have inside, the love we can give to ourselves and others, and fulfilling our passion and gifts that God has provided us with.

Being Pretty is much more than a face, a body, or a smile .. it is something that radiates character, confidence, intellect, passion, kindness, personality, poise and soul.

What is your inner beauty CPM’ers ?

The Oboard Says…

5 rounds for time:
25 Kettlebell Swings)
20 Hang Power Cleans (105/75)
15 Slam Balls
rest 2:00 between rounds

Posted by: Annie