CPM FIT Class Breakdown


Create the most effective, efficient workout that can not be duplicated anywhere else. Our 45 or 60-minute group classes are programmed to maximize every minute of class. This is an ALL Level (beginner to competent) co-ed class.

Simple Description:

Involves a combination of weights, bodyweight calesthics, and cardio. We blend these elements to create different workouts every day for a fun, motivating and results based workout.

Class Flow:

“The Warmup Before the Warmup”The Usual

We start each class by raising the core temperature of the body and get the heart rate up to prep the body for the task at hand. Typically, jogging a lap around the mall, some rowing and/or a jump medley we like to call, “The Yoouuaassggee” aka “The Usual”.


“The Actual Warmup”

The coach for the specific class you are attending will cover (explain, demo and provide any scaling options) the warmup for the day. Every day our warmup is different, it allows us the flexibility to program specific movements for that day’s workout, work on new skills and avoid boredom. After the coach covers the warmup members can move freely through the agenda at their pace. This is an informal time of class that allows the coaches and members to get to know each other more. It also allows the coach to survey the room and look for opportunites to help and work with individual clients.ring_rows


“Part A/B or 1 of 2 Workout for the Day”

Once everyone is warmed-up we move on to the actual work out. This is the portion of class where the coach will drill down any and every complex/multi-joint movement whether it be a barbell, kettlebell or some type of gymnastic movement. The coach will teach the purpose, progressions and provide any modifications needed. We focus on the fundamentals to ensure safety, improvement in skills and give you the opportunity to get more out of your workouts.


CPM Fit Class“The Workout!”

The fun begins… The coach will get you set up with the instruction, equipment and spacing needed. Now that we are ready, we turn the music UP, start the clock and let the hard work begin! The coaches are here to push you, slow you down, correct and encourage you. Everyone in class is challenging themselves at their level to be a better than yesterday.

Why wait? Let’s get started.

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