Progress Not Perfection – It’s Go Time!

Progress Not Perfection – It’s Go Time!

Progress Not Perfection

It’s challenge time! Get ready to eat clean and workout like a machine!

Here are the details:

Starts Friday, January 8th and ends Friday, February 12th (just in time for Valentine’s Day!)
Pictures and weight will be recorded before and after the challenge
Cash prizes
$60 buy-in gets you access to our weekly videos and a one-class upgrade to your membership.

To be eligible for cash prizes you must:

Eat 15 compliant meals each week (think Whole 30).
Workout at CPM as many times as your membership allows (including the challenge upgrade). Unlimited members must get 5 workouts in each week.

For 5 weeks, take control of your nutrition, get to the gym and feel great. Our goal for you is to make 2016 your healthiest and happiest year yet! It’s time to develop successful habits that will stick with you long after this challenge is over. This is a lifestyle that is maintainable and practical.

CPMFITness Sweatshirts
We are doing a pre-order for the CPM sweatshirts you have seen the coaches wearing. They are so comfy and warm. Just what you need for January, February and March! Look for a spot to sign-up on the board at both gyms.

Emily’s Progress Not Perfection Journey
The challenge starts today so I thought I would tell you why I’m doing it. Eating paleo makes me feel really good. Steve and I cleaned up our diets in 2013 when we both joined CPM. He was drinking a beer or two every night and I was thought cereal was a healthy breakfast. We bought It Starts With Food and found the concept very intriguing. Without taking it to an extreme level, we cleaned up our diets and removed most dairy and grains. Steve got the paleo tapeworm and lost weight immediately. It was impressive and I think a lot of it had to do with inflammation from the beer he was drinking. I, on the other hand, didn’t lose much weight but noticed my recovery from workouts was better, I could see more muscle definition and, most importantly, I felt really good. Now we go through phases of eating really clean and cheating more often than we should (mostly with desserts) but I don’t buy bread, Steve drinks a cider beer without gluten, we use coconut oil a lot… it’s simply become our lifestyle. The kids don’t think twice when their only options for supper are meat and veggies.

So what I do want from Progress Not Perfection? The holidays weren’t kind to my waistline and I feel it both physically and emotionally. I’m going to focus on eating good lunches as my breakfast and dinner are already decent. I’m going to up my game on the workouts. What’s my focus for each workout? Is it to go heavy, go fast? I believe these two goals combined will get me to where I want to be at the end of this challenge. The trick will be to keep myself there until I go to Jamaica in March!

By the way, the coaches are doing our own separate challenge. Who do you think will win this one? I think I have a REALLY good chance!!

Good luck challengers! It’s going to be GREAT!!

The Oboard Says..
AMRAP 25 min
Hang Power Clean
Ball Slams
Box Jumps
*Every 5 min do a 400m Run
Posted by: Emily