Protein Bars That Benefit Your Health

There are hundreds of brands of protein bars out now, all boasting that they are the best … But which ones truly are the best for us in a pinch?

Obviously, getting our nutrition from “real food” is the best, but sometimes you need a grab and go. So many of the bars out there have more harmful chemicals than anything quality or nutritious!

One of the questions I get asked frequently at CPM is what can I eat when I am on the go, or when I just need a quick snack?

Here are my top 5 picks to have on hand that will be the most beneficial to your health and they taste delicious too.

# 1 Larabar – are all-natural bars made from 100% real food no processed crap! Ingredients include unsweetened fruits, nuts, and spices–and contain no added sugar, preservatives, or artificial flavors. Most flavors have 4-5 ingredients! Another plus is that they’re suitable for any lifestyle; they’re gluten free, dairy free, soy free, kosher, vegan, and contain no GMO’s (genetically modified). They are a personal favorite of mine especially the cashew cookie, blueberry muffin, and peanut butter and jelly (literally tastes l like a PB&J)!

# 2 RX Bar – Every bar contains 12 grams of protein, derived naturally
from egg whites and raw almonds. These bars contain no grains, added sugars, gluten, soy, dairy or any artificial or processed ingredients. They also contain a good fat, carb to protein ration and some delicious flavors ( I personally love the peanut butter).

# 3 The Paleo Diet bar – This bar is all natural with 17g of Egg Protein, 9 Essential Amino Acids containing no gluten, dairy, soy, artificial flavoring, and preservatives, and no GMO’s. The Paleo Bar is also endorsed by Loren Cordain himself!

# 4 Simple Squares – If you have not tried these yet, you need to purchase some immediately! They are the perfect snack size, and contain all whole food ingredients like: honey, raw nuts, spices such as chai and sage, and coconut these have such amazing unique flavor and contain no more than 5 ingredients per bar. These bars are one of the few that are not heated so they are the real “raw” deal!

# 5 Epic Bars – This is a unique bar which is a jerky/protein bar feel. Made from grass-fed animal protein like bison, lamb, turkey, and beef combined with raw nuts and berries to make a delicious and filling grab and go treat! This bar contains high levels of omega 3’s and high levels of vitamins A and E as well as antioxidants to make a delicious filling grab and go treat!

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Posted by: Annie