Push-Up Challenge Complete! Congratulations to our Winners!

Push-Up Challenge Complete! Congratulations to our Winners!

Who’s Ready For Some More Push-Ups???

Just kidding! We want to congratulate the winners of our push-ups challenge. We started with 36 members in the challenge and had 20 finish. That is impressive! They completed a total of 5,050 push-ups over 100 days. Here are the winners:

Victoria Albers
Allison Hreha
Tyrone Albers
Molly Johnson
Tamara Eddins
Dusty Tendler
Luke VanHemert
Lisa Thrusten
Joe Olsen
Nancy Olsen
Jason Bortnem
Marin Bortnem
Becky Brost
Steve Plucker
Tory Miedema
April Schneider
Eric DeHaan
Cara DeHaan
Steph Witte
Brian Witte
Ang Hight

This group gets to split the entrance fees from the initial 36 challenge members. Congratulations to all of you!!

First Friday Yoga @ CPM DTSF
Join us for another DTSF First Friday Community Yoga Class. This class is FREE to the community and will be held at our new location in Downtown Sioux Falls.

Bring a towel, yoga mat and some water. Get ready to flow on Friday!

This event is FREE to CPM members non-members of the gym. We welcome the community of Sioux Falls and especially those working and residing in Downtown Sioux Falls.

Please complete a user account and health waiver online at: http://cpmfitness.com/pricing/create-an-account/

We are capping the event to the ‘First’ 50 people. RSVP’ing to this event on Facebook will not reserve your spot in class. Please create a CPM user account and register for the class online to officially save your spot!

Please Facebook message us or email us at getfit@cpmfitness.com with questions.

Reflections by Mother Plucker

My personal thoughts on another fantastic week at CPMFITness.

1. Programming is hard. Too much shoulders, too much legs, too short, too long… we hear a lot of this and all of it goes through my head as I’m programming workouts. Hopefully everyone liked this week. If not, too bad!

2. I’m attending a Crossfit Lifting cert this weekend. I’m really excited but really nervous too. Chris said they make the entire class do burpees while you watch if you don’t use the hook grip. I feel really bad for the class because I am not used to the hook grip. Good thing I’ve had 2 weeks of lifting to get me going on it. I will let you know how many burpees they had to do next week!

3. Speaking of burpees, am I the only one who didn’t think the lottery burpees workout was that bad? It was hard but not ridiculous, right? The wallball, jump squat and rowing workout… now that’s ridiculous!

4. FYI, this is why I program jump squats.

5. I caught some ladies finishing their push-ups the other night after the CPM party. Good job Becky!

The Oboard Says..
1 RM Snatch
400m Run
10 Snatch
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