Put on your Party Pants… Here are Your DEETS for the Week.

Lots of excitement in the air at the gym these days. Here are your DEETS for the week…

#CPMGO Party… This Saturday!

November 16th at 5pm.

Here are all the details you need to know to SAVE THE DATE…
When: Saturday November 16th… 9 days away!
Time: 5pm.
Where: CPMFITness
Who: Members, Friends of Members, Family, Mall Walkers, our friends from California, Happy, Motivated, Ambitious People in Sioux Falls.

CPM 360 Challenge Update

After Pics are complete. The finalists have been chosen. Out of just about 60 participants we started with in late September we have narrowed it down the final 5. We had a ton of challengers finish with OUTSTANDING results. We would like to congratulate of the of challengers for a job well done your consistent hard work and all your effort to challenge the change definitely paid off. The pictures don’t lie.

Lastly, the VOTE. The finalist will be unveiled at the CPMFITness Grand Opening Party. Every participant will be able to cast their vote to crown the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners at the Party.

NEXT CHALLENGE: The Holiday Rowing Challenge aka ‘Slay the Rower’

The excitement continues to build for our upcoming Rowing challenge. While most of America has the mindset of new year’s resolutions and the ‘I’ll wait till next year” attitude. We will be taking our FITness to another level.

Here are the quick DEETS. More info, how this will look at CPM and motivation soon… *Commit to 100k or 200k to complete
*Starts November 29th (black Friday) – December 24th (xmas eve)
*$30 buy in. A % of the proceeds go to the charities on Concept 2’s site.
*Open gym hours will be announced next week.
*The rest of the details can be found HERE 

The O-Board Says…

AMRAP 18 Minutes
15 Box Jumps
12 Push Press
9 Toe To Bar

Post by Chris.