Quit Working Out to Lose Weight

Quit Working Out to Lose Weight

I came across an Instagram post the other day that said “Quit working out to lose weight.” Right away, this spoke to me. People exercise every day to try to lose weight. I was one of these people for years! How many calories can I burn on my run today? How many calories did I eat today? Ok, I ate 1600 so if I run 6 miles I burn about 700 calories. Great! But it never really works out the way we want it to, does it?

I want you to exercise to be healthy. Quit setting this goal of “I have to lose 20 pounds by Christmas.” What happens when you reach that goal? How many years have you been setting that goal? We are never quite satisfied once we hit that number because that number doesn’t make us happy.

Balance in life is key. Does exercising make you feel good? I bet it does. What about eating healthy meals? That makes you feel good too. Sleep, stretching, a treat now and then… all of these are feel good things. For me, having a holiday latte on occasion is a big deal. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. I combine my treat with exercise and healthy meals and guess what? I survive without my pants getting tight.

Don’t blame the gym when you don’t hit your weight loss goals. We all know it takes a lot more than that. Use the gym at your place to break a sweat, chat with friends and get healthy! After all, that is the ultimate goal in life.

Happy November friends! Let’s make it a great month!

~Mother Plucker

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