Reasons Your Craving the Crap …

Junk Food is obviously very addictive. Companies put a lot of money, time, and knowledge into getting us attracted to their packaging, so that just like cigarettes we will buy them more and more.

The more you eat it, the more your body wants. Certain foods like dairy, gluten, and sugar release dopamine in the brain, giving us that temporary feeling of pleasure. Our brain then becomes trained to want these foods all the time.

So here are some reasons you could be craving these foods more. Now you can train your brain to know the problem and make a smart decision for you and your body.


Stress increases your cortisol. Which offsets your blood sugar and regulation of blood sugar and causes your body to crave it. Certain foods like sugar and fat can also cause temporary comfort so when you’re stressed, thats just the relief your body craves. Instead of turning to junk food, eat really good quality food like nuts and fruits.


When you are feeling tired, dehydrated, and with an upset stomach, which can all lead to unhealthy food cravings.  Staying hydrated will help curb these cravings, and eating a proper meal with water will also help you feel full and satisfied.


When there’s nothing else to do, people turn to eating as an activity. How many times have we caught ourselves looking in the fridge or cupboards for food when we are not at all hungry it is just out of force of habit .. Many of us fall into this trap, so before grabbing ask yourself “Am I really hungry, or just bored?”

Now you can really pin point why it is you are reaching for those go to foods that are not beneficial for you. When we educate ourselves we are more likely to avoid the foods that cause us harm and grab the foods that will do a body good!


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Posted by: Annie