Recovery Methods: Compression

Recovery Methods: Compression

Continuing on with our Recovery Method series. Part 2 is focused on compression. Below are two ways to incorporate compression into your regime to help maximize recovery.

GEAR (for during training)

Compression gear uses power Lycra to compress around the muscles in an effort to reduce vibration and oscillation of the muscles during training.  Compression gear can include shorts, tights, short and long sleeve shirts, socks, and arm sleeves. The scientific study results are still mixed here, but again… in my experience I have personally had athletes both experience reduced soreness in the days after training when using compression gear.  These can often be pricey and aren’t a requirement for training, but we have seen some benefits.

VOODOO FLOSS BANDS (for pre or post training)

Recently, Kelly Starrett created a band called the voodoo floss band. This is by far my personal favorite recovery tool and is a MUST in your gym bag.

The Voodoo Floss Band is an essential performance tool for anyone looking to improve range, restore joint mechanics, or unglue matted down or previously injured tissue.  Compression tack and flossing (Voodoo Flossing) works on many levels; including re-perfusing tissues that have become stiff or gone cold after injury, and by compressing swelling out of tissues and joints.

Simply put, through the tight compression the band creates it will aid and force the joints and tissues back to full range of motion. Also, it will help restore blood flow to again help gain range of motion.

A big difference with the Voodoo band is it can be used while actually performing the movement the athlete is trying to change, its effect on sliding surface and restoration and tissue mobilization is incredible.

Popular uses for the Floss band: hips, knees, elbows, shoulders, ankles.

The O-Board Says…

A. 20 min of Yoga FIT

B. AMRAP 15 min:
50 Double Unders
25 2 Touch Sit ups
15 Wtd Dumbell Step Up’s

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