Rounding Out All Our Skills

Running Is Essential

Sure, it might be possible to make it through life without ever having to run. For most of us, I’m betting at some point or another we’re going to have to do something more than a brisk walk.

I never viewed running as important, artful, or a skill until a few years ago. It was just something required during a workout to get the heart rate up and chew up some time between barbell movements or other stuff. Well, my view of running changed when I started reading and watching stuff by this guy.

Ever watch Usain Bolt Run?

It’s impressive, beautiful, and impossible not to respect him for being a master of his craft. We think that Bolt is a naturally gifted runner, and that the reason for his prowess is biological (he’s taller, has longer legs, whatever…).

I’m not buying the biological thing at all. Bolt spends great amounts of energy perfecting his technique. Physical energy and mental energy.

At Bolt’s High Level Minute Differences In Technique Make All The Difference

Bolt may have consciously arrived at his technique, or gotten there by accident. In either case, it is his technique that allows him to leverage his natural talent and genetic potential to the fullest extent.

We’re Not All Going To Run Like Bolt

But that doesn’t mean that we can’t also leverage our genetics, latent talent, and mental determination to improve. Running is the example I have used to draw from for this post, but it is replacable with anything. I take running for granted, and for a long time I was not good at it (I’m still not great). I think the things we don’t like to do or that we aren’t good at are skills that are under-developed. Work on developing those skills and surprise yourself by finding out things you didn’t like aren’t so bad anymore.

Oftentimes improving weaknesses improves everything, and that’s always nice.

The O-Board Says…

30 / 20 / 10
Power Clean
Knees to Elbow
1 Arm Weighted Step Up w/ KB or DB
Over the Bar Burpee

Posted by: Stetson