Rowing Challenge FAQs

So You’ve Got Some Questions

About the upcoming rowing challenge.  You’re wondering if you should bother signing up and maybe your already subliminally justifying not signing up with thoughts like, “I’m so busy next month” or “I’m going to be gone for a few days in December” or “I suck at rowing.”

We’ve been listening, and we have answers for the most common questions we’ve heard from you all.  Let me lay them out for you and convince you that unless you’re losing a limb in December, you should do the rowing challenge.

Question 1: What meters count?

Any meters you row during the challenge.  Meters in class, meters on your own, meters with a friend, meters with your mom, meters with your dog, and meters count!

Question 2: Are there open gym times?

Yes, there are a lot of open gym times.  Contrary to popular belief, the coaches don’t just work out for 10 hours every day, but we are here…..all day.  One of us is at this gym from 5:20am until 7:00pm just about every day.  Therefore, we’ve opened up TONS of open gym times where you are able to sneak in and get your meters.  Check out:


because we’ve updated it to reflect all the open gym times.  The best news is there will be even more than this! Based on if a workout has rowing in it or not, we will open up open gym times in the early morning hours for all you early risers.  We take the rowers upstairs and you row while the class works out.  We did this last year and it worked really well.  We’ll update the schedule to show AM open gyms weekly.

Question 3: What if I work 9am-6pm?

You’ve got a couple options:

Option 1: Quit your job.  Rowing is way more important than supporting a family, feeding yourself, or your retirement……….(just kidding everyone).
Option 2 (pick this one): We’ve got early morning options for you!  There will be open gym times between the hours of 5:30am and 7:30am.  We’ll also be updating the schedule with Saturday and Sunday hours.

If none of this works for you and you want in bad, talk to a coach.  We may be able to figure something out.

Question 4: What’s the cost?

$30 CASH.  So we can pay the rowing fairy for the wear and tear of all you rowing millions of meters in one month.

Once you pay, we’ll activate you so that you can sign in for open gym times, just like you would a normal class.

Question 5: I suck at rowing, so this wouldn’t work.

You don’t suck at rowing, you just haven’t rowed enough.  I HATED rowing before I did last years challenge.  Seriously.  Then I spent 200k on the rower and something amazing happened.  I got really good at rowing, and I found a harmony with and healthy respect for that machine.

If you think you suck at rowing, you need this challenge and you better sign up.  Or you can just keep THINKING you suck at rowing.

Question 6: How long do I have to row every day?

Now here’s a good question.  Lets do the math:

Challenge officially starts Thanksgiving Day, but lets say you elect to stuff your face with turkey and not row. That means your challenge is day after Thanksgiving to Christmas Eve.


50,000 meters / 27 days =  1,850 meters / day
100,000 meters / 27 days = 3,700 meters / day
200,000 meters / 27 days = 7,407 meters / day

Now, check out Concept2’s pace calculator.  I watched the rowers closely this morning, and everyone was easily rowing a 2:20 / 500m pace or faster.  I’ll use 2:20 pace in my calcs (means it takes you 2 minutes 20 seconds to row 500 meters on average).

1,850 meters = 8:38 (this would be your daily cost for 50k commitment)
3,700 meters = 17:16 (for 100k)
7,407 meters = 34:30 (for 200k)

Lets look at a Doomsday scenario.  You’ve got 10 days left on the challenge, you’ve committed to 50k and you haven’t rowed at all!  Can you do 50k in 10 days?  Yeah, you can.  It’s a 5k / day and it would take around 23 minutes (just under 4 hours total time).

Come to class 10 minutes early…..
Row the lap instead of running……
Stay after class 10 minutes…………..

All these are trivial and they would get you to 50k in 27 days.  Think about all the little things in life you waste 10 minutes on.  Would one of those be better served bettering yourself?

Question 7: I’m going to be gone for a few days in December.  What do I do?

Option 1: use Concept2’s rower finder to scout where you’re going for a machine.  Row while you’re on your trip.
Option 2: adjust the calculations above to find out what you’ve got to row per day using less days.  (27 minus the # of days you’re gone).

In Summary

Fact: everyone can complete the 50k commitment.  If you say you can’t, it’s because you don’t want to.  And that’s fine.  But there really is no downside.  You get better at rowing, stay in better condition over the holidays, and there’s money going to charity for your meters.  Should be a no brainer really.  Commit to the 50k, and if you do more AWESOME!  If you get to 30k, that’s still 30k you wouldn’t have rowed otherwise, and that’s not a bad thing.

Your coaches have a personal goal for the gym.  We want to cross 1,000,000 meters combined.  If we get 60 people to do the challenge, that’s about 15,000 meters each.  Should be nothing to it.

Check out these two links if you missed the emails we sent out about the challenge and all the specifics and get your name on the board outside the office.

DO IT!  Lets get to 1,000,000 together.  Don’t make Annie do it single-handedly (cause she will).

Instructions 1
Instructions 2

The O-Board Says…

Filthy fifty
50 Box jump, 24/20 inch box
50 Jumping pull-ups
50 Kettlebell swings, 1.5/1 pood
Walking Lunge, 50 steps
50 Knees to elbows
50 Push press, 45 pounds
50 arch rocks
50 Wall ball shots, 20/14 pound ball
50 Burpees
50 Double unders

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