Rowing Recap and Reflections on the Challenge.

Merry Day after Christmas!

First of all, great job to everyone who participated in the rowing challenge.

We put some serious meters on the rowers, and we loved seeing you on a more regular basis than we already do!

We thought it would be cool to share the BIG stats from the challenge with everyone, so here they are.

Total Meters Rowed by Everyone  = 4,026,415 meters  (may actually be higher if the board isn’t completely up to date)
Equivalent in Miles = 2,502 miles
New York to Los Angeles = 2,792 miles (thanks Google Maps)

I don’t know about everyone else, but all of the coaches were seriously impressed!!!!!!!  That’s crazy.

We love to hear about your thoughts and reflections from those of you that participated.

Did you complete your goal? Did you end up falling short? Did you surpass what you originally set out to accomplish? What were some big wins or ah-ha moments you experienced during the challenge?

I know for me my goal was to put myself out of my comfort zone and be consistent with something I truly have not be consistent with in the past. I wanted to commit 27 days in a row on the rower. I wanted to develop some mental toughness build some long-end endurance. I wanted to switch my mindset of what I ‘Should Do’ to what I ‘MUST Do’. It is waay too easier to push a workout or a commitment to the next day (especially around the holiday season). I really noticed over the last week what seemed very uncomfortable at the start of the challenge was a thing of the past. I found myself able to row harder the longer I was on the rower.

My goal for the fellow challengers was to rally around the holidays and have a particular focus to thrive with their personal fitness rather than ‘mail it in’ for the rest of the year and take on most of America’s stance of “I’ll wait till next year.”

So let’s hear it!

Post your comments, reflections, and experience from our Sleigh the Rower Challenge.

Thanks again rowers.  It wasn’t easy, but well worth the challenge.

*Quick Note: We have a shortened schedule Thursday and Friday of this week. Check the schedule for all class schedule updates.

The O-Board Says…

“The Grinch”

A. 3 Rep Max Power Clean

B. AMRAP 16 Minutes:
1 Power Clean
1 Box Jump
then 2 of each, 3 of each… …, 5, etc….

Every 4 minutes run 200 meters

Post by Chris.