Run a Vice Check

When I was 13 years I did this without knowing it.

The day was Wednesday February 16th, 1994; the day I gave up soda for Lent.

Being bread for Catholic School since kindergarten, this was the normal thing to do every year on Ash Wednesday. To this day I still remember it like it was yesterday. Not only was it one of the first time I successfully abstained from something for Lent, it kicked my soda habit pretty much for good.

Pick 1 vice and abstain from it for a 30 day period. As I illustrated above, many attempt to repent in the Catholic tradition of Lent by giving up one of those vices for a 46 day period. Religious or not, I think it is a good idea for all of us to run a vice check for time to time.

Everything is okay in moderation. I don’t suggest cutting out everything in life. Especially those at CPM, we work hard on our Health + FITness and deserve to enjoy the fruits of our labor (literally!).

But how can you tell if a bad habit is becoming the boss of you?

I believe in testing my vices… To know that I am still the alpha dog.

What are some of my vices???
-Certain TV show’s (blue bloods, house of cards)

Wine for example: It is good to know I am celebrating a good day vs. drowning myself in the stress that had occurred.

About every 3 months is it good to pick a vice and test yourself. Find out “WHO’S THE BOSS?” 

Pick a vice. Abstain for 30 days. If you find it seriously difficult to abstain for those 30 days… You may have found a habit worth cutting out for good.

You know we can flip this around and use this for building a healthy habit. Pick something you want/need/deserve to have in your life and add it in daily to enjoy a new, elevated quality of life. Just ask Garrett Wilson (in picture above) about how he accomplished 30 CPM Classes in the month of February… And yes February had only 28 days.

Good Idea or Great Idea… Try this for the month of March. Sound off what your Vice Check will be for this upcoming month in the comments!

The O-Board Says…

A. Every 30 seconds for 12 minutes:
1 power clean
Add weight every 4 minutes

B. Tabata “Karen”
For Time:
150 Wall ball
*follow Tabata work:rest ratio until you finish

Post by Chris; @cmoknows