Save the Date…

Annie and I have been itching to find a great reason to throw a party at CPM. We think we have enough going on at the gym to celebrate.

With the…

Finishing of the cpm360 Nutrition Challenge and needing to announce the Winners…
A Grand Opening Party that needs to happen…
The Holidays Coming Up…
Great friendships and bonds building and the lack of them seeing each other in regular clothes…
Some great workshops, classes, challenges coming up….

It’s time for you to SAVE THE DATE…
When: Saturday November 16th.
Time: 5pm.
Where: CPMFITness
Who: Members, Friends of Members, Family, Mall Walkers, our friends from California, Happy, Motivated, Ambitious People in Sioux Falls.

Great ready to celebrate a new movement in Sioux Falls. It’s happening. More Details coming. For now. SAVE THE DATE!


CPM360 Challenge Update

Monday we covered alot of tips and tricks to thriving in this challenge regarding:

How to have a social life while staying true to your Paleo ways?
Eating out in Restaurants; How to Order Effectively?
What does eating 80% Paleo really look like?

There was some love. There was some coaching. There was some YELLING aka motivating. It was worth hanging around the gym late Monday night.

We are looking forward to next week’s very informative, inspiring and empowering meeting this coming Monday. All members and friends can attend.

Congrats to our weekly mini challenge winner Karen Hanisch won a gift bag of delicious grass fed jerky from one of our great sponsors Well Foods. She also received a very stylish, high quality, state of the art headphones from another one of our sponsors X-1.

Next Supplement Pre Order is Up

It’s been about a ¬†month. Are you getting low on your Recovery Mix? Want to try a new Fish Oil Flavor? Did you miss the order last time and want to get in on the goods?

Friday October 25th. We will be placing our next pre order with SFH. Take advantage of the highest quality FISH OIL, POST WORKOUT RECOVERY AND PROTEIN POWDER on the market.

Sign up’s are on the board in the changing room.

The O-Board Says…

A.  1 RM power snatch
B. AMRAP 10 Minutes of:
3 Power Snatch
6 Lateral Burpees
9 Knees to Elbows

Post by Chris