Scaling on Purpose

Scaling on Purpose

Our goal at CPM is to motivate, inspire and help you reach your full potential, whether that means improving flexibility, endurance or strength. Additionally we strive to keep you fulfilled and training with us for many years to come.

One of the great things about the workouts is that there are infinite ways to scale them to fit the needs of any athlete, regardless of your fitness level. Workouts are designed to “meet you were you are at.”

How to scale?

1. Weight
2. Reps
3. Movements
4. Range of Motion

When to scale?

Listen to your body. Are you feeling good? Go for it but don’t jeopardize technique. Are you feeling beat up? Maybe take it a little easier or go lighter on weight. The worse thing you can do is work through pain!!

Know what your goals are. Scaling can happen in both directions.

• Maybe you are working on your pull-ups or handstand push-ups. Don’t be afraid to scale up that portion if needed.
• Maybe you are not quite ready for the pull-up bar so you scale to ring rows.
• Or maybe you are finishing in the top 5 of the workouts or doing everything unbroken. It might be time to up your game!

Understand the purpose of the workout.

If it’s designed for quality, maybe your load is lighter and technique is the main driver. If it’s designed to leave you breathless, maybe you don’t use the highest box so you can get through more rounds.

Try it out.

When the coach encourages you do a few reps while reviewing the workout, it’s not just to assess your form, it’s to make sure you have the right weight or movement. What felt good on Monday might not feel as great by Friday.

Injuries stink.

But that does not mean we can’t find a solution. Talk to your coach about other options and remember that any movement is better than none.

Everyone else is doing it.

If you are not ready to progress then don’t. You are here for you’re goals, not anyone else’s.

In short, don’t be embarrassed to scale. Toss that ego aside, learn from your performances, be coachable and trust the process!


A: Deadlift 5RM
every 2-minutes x 5 sets
(Reset at bottom every time)

10 Hang Cleans
15 Push-ups
40 Doubles