See the Light… Actually Go get Some!

See the Light… Actually Go get Some!

I like to get SALTY about my water… And I want everyone to do more then see the light!

Who wants to make some easy strength gains for no extra work?
How about STRONGER + Healthier Bones + have Better hormone levels??
And oh by the way burn more FAT with less effort!?!?

Well then get out of the office–> GO outside —> and get some Vitamin D.

It’s been shown that Vitamin D improves strength levels in athletes and people and you don’t have to look far to find a study to show it. Not only strength gains, but all sorts of other health benefits get involved when you keep your Vitamin D levels healthy like stronger bones, better hormone levels, better ability to burn fat etc. If it’s something healthy that your body does, Vitamin D probably makes it better.

The problem is most of us spend most of our day indoors and when we DO go outside, we wear massive amounts of clothes and sunblock to keep the suns rays away. We end up missing all the benefits Vitamin D has to offer and gaining the negative effects that come from Vitamin D deficiency.

It’s be said that summer is when many athletes peak in terms of strength and understanding that summer is when the sun is out more, it makes sense why. So take it outside and get some sunshine for some free gains.

Pro-Tips on Vitamin D

A. Optimal Vitamin D 
There are better times of the day to be out in the sun. One way is when you are standing outside if you are taller than your shadow then you are receiving optimal Vitamin D. If your shadow is taller than you the opposite is true. You can also download a cool app to tell you when is the best time (HERE).

B, 2fer Your Tan Time
Find ways to add sunlight into your day with things you already do. One of my go-to’s is eat lunch outside.

C. Earlier the Better
Start and end your day outside. The sooner you get some sunlight the better your natural hormones will turn on and be more balanced throughout the day. Start your day with a reason to get outside (even if it’s just a few minutes)

Now go ahead and do yourself and favor and #get2thegym

The O-Board Says…

A: Back Squats:

B: 21-18-15-12
Cal Row
Handstand Pushups
Deadlift (255/175)

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