Sleep Tips to Get You Sleeping Like a Baby ….

Stets talked about the importance of sleep in last Wednesday’s blog, so now that you know the value sleep has to your overall health, here are some great tips to get your sleeping more soundly!

1. Lights Out:

Just as important as getting enough natural light during the day, it’s critical to extinguish artificial light at night.

More than nine in ten of us use electronic devices before sleep, according to the National Sleep Foundation. Not only can the tweets, emails, videos, and articles we consume leave our minds buzzing and unrestful, the light from the devices themselves—even little LEDs—can compromise our slumber. So turn off the tablets, tv’s, phones, etc… and remember to black out your bedroom so there is absolutely NO light to disrupt your sleep. There’s no sense getting to bed on time if we’re getting poor sleep throughout the night.

2. Meditate :

I use to frown upon meditation. I thought it was not my cup of tea.. What do I say how can I relax while thinking etc… but I started to research it more and realized the intent of it . I took the plunge and completed a 21 day meditation challenge and it was mind blowing how much better my sleep was, and how much better my body felt overall!

3. Commit to your Bedtime:

How many times have we been up later than we wanted because there was one more link to click, one more episode to watch, one more page to read, one more whatever?

Researchers call it “bedtime procrastination,” and it’s really about willpower. If we want the benefit of extra sleep, we have to decide on the tradeoff: one less link, one less episode, one less page. Determine to go to bed at a set time and then stick to that time!

4. Relax your body.

Do something to allow your body to transition into rest:

Do some easy stretches to release any stress and help your body get to the most relaxed state you can before going to sleep.

Listen to soft soothing music (I listen to acoustic, solo piano, and lullaby on Pandora) there are sleep sound apps as well.

Now that you know the benefits of sleep you can begin to incorporate these beneficial habits into your new sleep routine. It will make a world of difference for you and your overall health!

The O-Board Says…

4 Rounds, Each 4 minutes
Each Round As Many Reps as Possible

30 KB Swing
15 burpees to plate

MAX of following
Round 1: Ring Rows
Round 2: Pistols
Round 3: Hip Touches
Round 4: Dips

*1 min rest btw Rounds

Posted by: Annie