Sleigh the Rower, Jump Ropes, Supplements and Being Thankful

CPM Sleigh the Rower 2.0

There is still time to participate in participate in CPM Sleigh the Rower 2.0. Feeling like burning some extra calories after Thanksgiving dinner? You can find all of the details HERE and HERE. Get signed up today!

Get Some Jump Ropes and Supplements

We’re ordering ropes and supps for the holidays!

Order will be submitted on December 5th.  Click HERE for details.  Note: SFH has changed their fish oil flavors, size, and price up a little since the last order.

We’ll have the sign up board up in the changing room starting Monday.  If you want something special, or are looking for a Christmas gift, get your name on there and we’ll get it ordered!

And now another edition of….

Reflections, by Mother Plucker

Thanksgiving Special!

My personal thoughts on another fantastic week at CPMFitness.

  1. I am thankful for Annie. Annie is inspiring, motivating and most importantly a great friend. She also has the fastest bpm of anyone I know.  (bpm=burpees per minute) Annie, you rock!
  2. I am thankful for Stets. Stets is the only ninja I know.  The other day he did a ring pull WITH HIS LEGS OFF THE GROUND!  Stets is always in a great mood, obviously cares about the CPM members and truly wants to make us better athletes.
  3. I am thankful for Chris. Chris can convince me to take bets, join “clubs”, and come to the gym without me even knowing he did it. Chris pours his heart and soul into this gym and it shows.
  4. I am thankful for my CPM friends. I truly enjoy working out with every member in this gym. We goof off, have fun and work our butts off! Some of my best friends are my workout partners.  I don’t know what I’d do without them 🙂
  5. I am thankful for CPM. CPM has changed my life and my husband’s.  I was the girl doing cardio 2 hours each day and eating cookies in the afternoon then wondering why I can’t get muscle definition.  My husband was in a food slump and didn’t care to exercise.  The coaches at CPM have given us the information we need to eat healthy and do some impressive WODS every day. I am SO thankful CPM came into my life!
  6. Now excuse me while I eat some pumpkin pie. Don’t judge, I’m doing row’d kill tomorrow!

The O-Board Says…

Row’d Kill
3-person Team
Station 1 Rows
Station 2 Burpees
Station 3 Situps
switch until your team hits 10,000 meters
*every burpee takes one second
of your total time

Posted by: Emily