Are You Smart Enough To Scale?

Are You Smart Enough To Scale?

Sleigh the Rower IV

Possibly the best way to avoid those unwanted holiday pounds. Sign up for Sleigh the Rower IV by putting your name on the board at the gym. We will have lots of options for you to get to the gym and row. Keep an eye on the schedule for available times.

Black Friday WOD

Join Emily and Babs for a kick-butt post-turkey day workout. We need to exercise more than shop, right? I think so!

CPM Sweatshirts

We are ordering our super cozy CPM sweatshirts! They are $49 each and you can order red, blue or both 🙂 Get your name on the board!

Scale… DO IT!

We all have a point in our fitness careers where we need to ease up on the intensity of our workouts or avoid movements due to a physical ailment. It’s interesting to watch members handle this in different ways.

You have those that:

  1. Don’t modify or scale at all.
  2. Scale just enough to get by. So you aren’t going to get any better but you (hopefully) won’t get worse.
  3. Scale and modify appropriately.
  4. Scale too much and quit coming to the gym.

In my opinion, #1 and #4 are the worst. Our friend, #1, is going to get hurt… bad. They are performing movements that they have been directed to avoid or know they shouldn’t be performing. So now your 2 week recovery period has turned into a 6 month recovery period. #4 just makes me sad. It’s almost like they are looking for an excuse to skip the gym. If you have learned anything at CPM, it should be that we have LOTS of options for your workout. Can’t go overhead? No problem, let’s find a lower body movement or different upper body movement for you to use. Can’t run? No biggy, let’s row. The key here is that you keep moving and continue to come to the gym. Workouts are good both mentally and physically and your body WANTS and NEEDS to move!

I recently had to start scaling my workouts after my neck spazzed out during sit-ups. Painful… that is how I would describe my scaling experience. I don’t WANT to scale but I NEED to scale. I also need to figure out the cause of my neck issue since it has been happening to me off and on for 15 years. Turns out my chiropractic visits and physical therapy work have paid off. It only took me 2 weeks to get back to doing all of the movements at CPM. I wonder what my situation would be if I had tried to push through the pain? Not good I’m sure.

So my point is, don’t be afraid to scale. There is NO shame in it and it’s the smart thing to do. And even more importantly, talk to your coach. Let them know what you are struggling with or if you are injured. We are more than happy to help at CPM. We want you at the gym!


The Oboard Says…
Forty Minute Friday!
AMRAP 40min
500m Row
100 Double Unders
50 Weighted Situps
Posted by: Emily