SME Young Women Excellence Award

If you haven’t been plugged into our social media in the last couple of days we like to let you know that our very own, Annie Mello, received a very prestigious honor of SME Young Women in Excellence Award.

For those of you that know Annie personally and professionally I know for a fact would completely agree with their decision.

Annie is totally focused and dedicated to helping everyone she comes in contact with to improve their lives with nutrition and fitness. She is a shining example and role model of health, fitness, dedication, work ethic, the list can go on and on.

I was so proud to be their to support her and cheer her on. There has been such a warm, endearing and wonderful response from her friends and community.

Please share in the comments something you really appreciate about Annie and why she definitely deserves this award. 

In other news. We are continuing to update the Events Page. Here is the quick list coming   soon…
-May 9th; Our 2nd Wine Down Friday; Great way to celebrate all the hard efforts of our ALL IN Challenge.
-May 17th; CPM Spring/Post All In Challenge Party at the PARK! We will be celebrated the finalist of the challenge and making it a great excuse for everyone to get together.
-May 19th; CDA Info Meeting; We are growing and re-opening up another round of candidates.
-May 28th-31st; BAFW is BACK! Back by popular demand, Bring-A-Friend-Week

Check the EVENTS PAGE. for all the DEETS.

The O-Board Says…

A. AMRAP 2 min
Max Front Squats
rest 1 min

B. 4 Rounds; in 2min
:30sec HS Hold
Max KB Swings
Rest 1 min btw rounds

Post by Chris.