CPM… So Much More Than a Gym

CPM… So Much More Than a Gym

Gym Friends

Have you ever heard someone refer to your gym as a cult? I used to think that about gyms. I had friends who obsessed over their gym! If you went to dinner with 2 people from the same gym and you didn’t belong, get ready to feel left out! I didn’t really understand it… until now. The longer you are a member at a gym, the more you get to know the other members and the more time you spend with them. Sometimes you even start to act and behave like them. I find myself saying “legit” or “sick” now…. obviously I spent a lot of time with Chris!

But is it really bad to be good friends with other CPM members? I don’t think so. They probably have better lifestyle habits then 90% of the people you know.

  • They exercise.
  • They know how to eat (not that they eat perfect all of the time).
  • They are positive (this is a biggy for me).
  • They want to get better.
  • They are encouraging and motivating.

You’ve probably heard someone say that we are the average of the top 5 people we spend time with. Take a look at your top 5. Are they honest? Are they good friends? Are they kind? Are they healthy? All very important things! What if just 2 of those top 5 were CPM members who had similar goals and habits as you? Imagine how much you could raise your average “score”!

So if someone tells you that CPM sounds like a cult, don’t be offended. Instead, invite them to check out the CPM cult BUT call it a community. Because that is what CPM is. It’s so much more than a gym. I want to thank you all for making it an amazing part of my life 🙂

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The O-Board Says…

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Power Cleans

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1 Mile Run
50 Power Cleans
1 Mile Run