So What’s the Difference?

I read a quote this weekend, “You have to be different in a way that makes a difference.” 

It got me thinking about CPMFITness and everyone involved in this amazing journey that started a short few months ago.

Many of us have had a variety of gyms and different experiences of what it means to be a  “group fitness” classes in our fitness career’s.

Over the years we have all tried various gyms, some form of yoga, pilates, spin, circuit training, and more. I have never experienced group training that even came anywhere close to the experience at a CPMFITness class.

I never had anybody cheer for me in spin class.

I never faced a seemingly overwhelming obstacle in a gym that caused me to bond with my classmates.

I never accomplished anything in circuit training that caused me to have a new outlook on my life and capabilities.

In none of those classes was I ever overcome with emotion watching a fellow classmate lay it all out there in pursuit of bettering themselves.

All those things happen at CPM — all the time.

So why is it so different? Sound off!

The O-Board Says…

A. EMOTM for 14 minutes:
Odd: Row 17/12 calories
Even: 30 Second Ring Plank Hold

B. For time:
800m Farmer Walk (53/35)
400m Front Rack Carry (53/35)
600 Meter Run

Post by Chris.