Some Many DEETS… Luckily they are Organized…

Your ALL IN Challenge Finalist!

The finalist have been chosen. It was a very challenging 5 choices we had to come too. Everyone that completed the challenge we applaud you and wish we could include many more of you in the finals. Understand that you all showed the upmost commitment, dedication and discipline it takes to succeed. All of the coaches were very very impressed with how the challenge went and are excited for many more types of these challenges in the future.

A few highlights I’d like to recognize:
-Marin’s awesome personal blog she started; HERE
-Amanda Kuchta’s cooking skills and helping her fellow challengers with preparing meals and teaching how to cook.
-Jesse E aka ‘Dr Egg’ and his distributing of his high quality eggs to fellow challenge members.
-Hearing all the awesome stories about improved sleep, kicking meds, the crazy amount of energy people gained.
-The struggle people had to push through during the beginning of the challenge. Many of you had to transition/detox with the headache’s, migraines, dry skin and how you preserved and ended up succeeding BIG TIME!
-Classiest Lookin’ Meals… Erika Helling and Blake Lynch
-Most Creative Food Labeling… Molly Johnson

Who are the Finalists??? and How to Vote???

You will be receiving an email at 7am, Friday morning…

CDA Info Night 2.0 This Monday the 19th @7:45p

We’d like to introduce (or re-introduce) you to the CPMFITness Coaches Development Academy (aka CDA)!

Here at CPMFITness we strive towards offering the most complete health, movement and fitness program we can for our members. This includes world-class coaching, goal setting work, accountability, support and nutrition direction.

Perhaps you’ve seen Annie, Stets or myself coaching during your time here and wondered what it’s like to be a professional coach?  Maybe you’ve thought of learning the ropes yourself and developing the skills involved with be a coach?

I can tell you I started my career from scratch. I was 20 years old and simply just passionate about being in the gym, hungry to learn how to better myself and eager to help others in the process. Over the last 13 years Annie and I have learned many different fitness regiments, methodologies and philosophies in our FITness career. It has taken us to the place we are today. One of our passions is helping individuals reach their goals and dreams as an athlete.

But it doesn’t stop there. We are re-introducing this program in June to develop athletes (YOU) into coaches and taking them to a world class level.

If you’re interested in the program, come get some more info!


-May 23rd; Our Next Supplement Order for Stronger Faster Healthier is going to be placed. Stock up on your Fish Oil, Post Workout and Protein Powder. There is a sign up board located in the changing room. Check your email inbox for more info.
-May 28th-31st; BAFW is BACK by popular demand, Bring-A-Friend-Week.

Check the EVENTS PAGE. for all the DEETS.

The O-Board Says…

21 Turkish get-ups, Right arm
50 KettleBell Swings
21 Overhead squats, Left arm
50 KettleBell Swings
21 Overhead squats, Right arm
50 KettleBell Swings
21 Turkish get-ups, Left arm
*We will scale accordingly*

Post by Chris.