SSS – Starter Shoulder Stretches

SSS – Starter Shoulder Stretches

Why Even Mobilize?

Maybe because it…

*Makes you more agile
*Helps you recover from your workouts + athletic activities faster
*How about improves your performance.
*And you feel better and impacts your quality of life.

As mentioned in last week’s POST, we live in a modern world full of desk work, desktop’ing too much, smart phones and remote controls. Our shoulders crave complexity and are designed to move, move often and in many different motions. If you are using them you are losing them. And that my friends will age you faster and faster not to mention take you more and more away from fun and daily activities.

As promised from last week’s POST here are 3 of my very favorite “Starter Shoulder Stretches”… Tackle these multiple times a week and do the re-test (of last week’s test) yourself in a month and show me your gainz!

1). Table Rocks
(Key Points)
*Hips elevate to shoulder level
*Add a little forward pressure of the shoulders.
*Work up to 90 seconds of continuous movement

2). T-Stretch
(Key Points)
*Internally rotate the shoulder down to ground.
*Lean into it as you warmup into the stretch
*Work up to 90 seconds each side.

3). PassThru’s
(Key Points)
*Arms stay straight and grip the bar tight.
*Wide the arms the easier. More narrow is more challenging
*3 sets of 10 reps

The O-Board Says…

Part A: Partner Work for Time
P1: 500m Row
P2: 75 Doubles
each goes once; score is total time

Part B:
Partner 30 min AMRAP
(you go/I go split by rounds)
5 Pull-Ups
10 Push-Ups
15 Squats

Post by Chris; follow me on snapchat; mr_cpm