Start Your Goal Setting Today Don’t Wait to the New Year …

Start Your Goal Setting Today Don’t Wait to the New Year …

Why wait for the New Year to accomplish all your resolutions ??

Why not start now and get a head start and be in a great routine when everyone else is scrambling to make it happen in 2018.

45% of Americans make New Year’s Resolutions, so thats roughly 77.5 million Americans making their resolutions. The shocker is only 8% are actually successful at achieving them.

However, you can be part of the 8% whose lives are improved because they chose to start on a positive new path early.

Here are some great tips on how to get a head start and create a positive ending to this 2017.

Don’t wait any longer the time is now! It is not going to get any easier tomorrow. If a doctor told you if you didn’t start you would die you would start immediately. Take that same approach and start small goals to lead to your big goal and causing you to feel empowered not defeated.

Define Your Goals and Make them Very Specific. People with specific goals are 10 times more likely to achieve them. So, while “losing weight” and “getting healthier”  are good places to start, dive in deeper.  For example in the gym choose a fitness resolution such as:

- I will go to the gym 3 times per week and then mark it in your calendar so you commit to it.

- I will eat a vegetable with each meal.

- I will work to get my first pull-up with no band.

Find a buddy to share your goals and help keep you accountable. Recruiting a friend makes the challenge less daunting. When you hold each other accountable you share some of that motivational energy and actually produce more of it in a positive competitive environment.

Change Your Mindset: start eliminating .. your “no’s, can’ts, don’ts, wont’s, etc.”Instead use words like “Can, Will, Must, yes etc .”.  Using positive words more often than negative words can activate the motivational centers of the brain, pushing them into action.

Last journal. I have been journaling for years. Don’t overthink this it does not have to be profound, long, or meaningful .. It just needs to be done!

It can take between 28-100 days to build a habit, depending on the goal. You may want to track yourself through this period to focus on the positive changes you are making. We are our biggest critics and we tend to not see our progress. We tend to focus on all of what we “are not” doing instead of all “We are”. Journaling puts the proof in the paper and keeps us motivated to continue to grow.

So grab a pen and  paper now don’t wait be the 8% this 2017 that stick to your goals.

The O-Board Says…

30 DU
15 Pullups
30 Squats
100 M run or 125M Row Sprint

Posted By: Annie