Staying Motivated with CPMFITness

Staying Motivated with CPMFITness

So we now know how to GET MOTIVATED… How do we stay motivated?

If you think I’m going to give you a list of things you can do to stay motivated (similar to the Getting Motivated post) then you are WRONG!

Huh? Why? Because as I mentioned in, GETTING MOTIVATED, motivation is temporary and needs constant attention for you to continue to get motivated. You actually don’t stay motivated.

For you to ‘Stay Motivated’ you need to become disciplined.

What is Discipline?

Discipline is not motivation. Discipline is a skill and must be developed. Discipline is an orderly, prescribed conduct that will get you what you want. Discipline is what you use to complete any activity until that activity results in success – regardless of how uncomfortable – becomes your normal operating procedure.

Discipline takes that spark of motivation and creates a behavior. Over time (with consistency) that behavior turns in a habit. Then with more time those habits turn into discipline. Motivation happens in an instant however it and leave you just as fast. Discipline takes time, but the longer you build it, the stronger it becomes, the longer it latest.

Why you Want Discipline?

We have this member, lets call her Sarah. She is religious with her attendance to CPM classes. She has consistently made 5-6 workouts a week for the last 7 years! She is just as busy (if not busier) than you are: full time career, kids, spouse that travels out of town and no matter what she gets her classes in. Annie had a conversation with her a couple weeks ago. Life was getting busier than normal and she was running low on motivation, even though still getting her committed workouts completed. She was feeling down and a little defeated that she wasn’t as motivated as usual to go to class. Annie quickly told her this is because you are operating off discipline not motivation. And the lightbulb went off! She has been able to remain consistent with her workouts in abesence of motivation because she didn’t need motivation. Discipline is what gets it done! She has trained her discipline day after day, month after month, year after year. She wouldn’t stop her workouts because her discipline is so strong.

Life will NEVER go according to plan. There will be curve balls thrown, something will come up, you will get tired, bad things will happen, this is life. But when you train your discipline nothing will matter — you will still complete your task. You can train it to where your subconscious just directs you to go when you are supposed to go even when you consciously don’t want too.

You want to guarantee results in your life? It’s time to train your discipline!

The O-Board Says…

A. AMRAP 6min
30 Russian Twists
20 Elbow Plank Twists (L)
20 Elbow Plank Twists (R)
10 Windshield Wipers

B. “Tabata This”
Tabata Row (cals)
Tabata Squat
Tabata Pull Up/Ring Row
Tabata Push Up
Tabata Sit Up/T2B
*Rest 1 minute btw rounds.

Post by Chris; @cmoknows