Stet’s Final Post

Well CPM, this last month flew by.  It’s hard to believe that this will be the last blog post I write as Coach Stets.  Angela and I have experienced a wide range of emotion over this past month.  The overwhelming majority of which is thankfulness.  I am thankful to have spent a bit more than a year being part of this community of driven individuals who are interested in improving themselves, and seeing those around them improve as well.  You’ve all encouraged me, supported me, and pushed me to get better.  And I can’t remember a time when I’ve been in better shape.  So THANK YOU for helping me CPM.

I deliberated at length over what I should write about in this final blog post.  I decided that perhaps I should attempt to distill all that I’ve learned since I got here into a few sentences in areas where as a coach I see the most interest and the most difficulty for people.  I’ll be upfront with you and say that I don’t pretend to have all the answers, and that what I am sharing is what works for me.  That being said, I understand (and so should you) that what works for me won’t necessarily work for you.  Although the principles I’d like to share are applicable to anyone.

Our health and fitness is a lifelong journey, and we are meant to wrestle with it at times.  The answers we seek are there for us to discover; we must put in the effort to uncover them for ourselves.  Ready?


Here’s where we all struggle right (myself included)?  What we eat is deeply tied to our psychology, and to change our feeding habits we must change the way we think about food.  Food either makes you healthier or sicker.  There is no middle ground, but only what we’ll personally tolerate.  I know pizza does not make me healthier, but I will tolerate that on occasion 🙂

In as few words as I can, here are my recommendations:

Eat (you may have to weigh and measure your food for a couple weeks to figure this out, but it’s worth the experience):

  • 0.85g of protein per pound bodyweight
  • 1.0g of CHO per pound bodyweight (complex carbohydrate)
  • 0.5g of fat per pound of bodyweight

Eat real food, and as high quality as your budget/environment will allow.  Eat this way as consistently as you possibly can over time.  Don’t beat yourself up about having a few things outside of this every now and then, you’re human.

Once you have this dialed in, and you aren’t stressed about it and don’t have to think about it anymore, start to play with the levels of each of the above to find the optimum for your body.  For example: I currently eat more fat, almost 1.0g per pound bodyweight, lots less CHO and about the same level of protein.  I’m liking more fat less carb right now.


Understand why you are training.  Do you want to be a competitive athlete or are you simply interested in living the longest, healthiest life possible?  The former take their body’s to the limits of their potential, and in doing so risk injury and possibly sacrifice some of that longevity.  The latter shouldn’t try to train like the former, and they certainly don’t need to.

Be aware that training is a long term habit, and that just like saving lots of money takes time and attention so does fitness.  Everyone’s journey is their own and is independent of others.  Do not get frustrated and caught up by focusing on other people’s journeys.  Focus on yours.

Have fun!  You’re not going to do something for 20 years if you don’t enjoy it.  Make friends, check your attitude, and learn about your training.  The knowledge will serve you well and make what you’re doing more enjoyable.


Looks different for everyone.  What I must accomplish to feel success is different from anyone else.  Make your own goals, and surround yourself with people who selflessly want to see you hit them and will help support you in doing so.

While not as epic as any of Einstein’s equations, I have long believed that the formula for success or results is:

Belief + Effort + Time = Results

If you believe what you want is within your reach (arguably the most important step), you are willing to do whatever it takes to get it, and you have the patience and perseverance to struggle through the journey to get it (failures and setbacks abound) then results simply will happen.  If you are missing any of the three elements on the left side, you won’t get the results you want.


So there we have it friends.  There is something special about this place.  The group of people that are part of CPM believe (at least pre – 3,2,1 go) and rarely have I come across a group of harder workers.  Thank you for the kindness you’ve showed me, the motivation to be better, and sharing the results so many of you have achieved.

It is my distinct honor to have been part of CPM and everyone’s fitness journey.  Press relentlessly onward!

a.k.a. Stets

The Oboard Says…

10 Deadlift
10 Burpee

B. 4 Rounds Not for Time
400 run
20 Db Push Press
15 KB Swing
20 min cut off

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