Stets Says Goodbye to CPM

This is a challenging blog post to write, because in about a month I’ll no longer coach here at CPMFITness.  As of right now, my last day is slated to be April 3.  An unplanned for and unanticipated opportunity arose and Angela and I have chosen to pursue it.  Being a coach is a unique career, and probably the only one in which you get to write your resignation letter via a blog post.  I have truly loved my time here at CPM, and I’d like to share now some of the things that have made me happy over the past year.

  1. Watching new people learn their way around a barbell, especially if they’ve never touched one before.  Without fail, and no matter how awkward at first, everyone can learn how to power clean and usually does!
  2. Watching people’s squats evolve as their bodies become more mobile and their muscles stronger.  I’ve seen some ugly air squats at the onset, but within a couple of months it’s incredible to watch how the human body can adapt and perform.
  3. Being part of someone moving more weight than they ever have before (squat, clean, snatch, deadlift, whatever).  The sense of achievement that gives them is contagious and always brings a smile to my face.
  4. The first pullup / muscle up.  This is a tall mountain to climb for almost everyone, but those who make it up the mountain get really happy about this milestone.
  5. Seeing a person’s psychology evolve from COMPLETE FREAK OUT over the rules of their first Whole30 to UNDERSTANDING AND PRACTICING the psychological discipline it takes to complete a Whole30, educating themselves, and doing what it takes to get results.
  6. Results.  I’ve watched multiple people follow the process and get amazing results.  They have questions, they run into issues, and they mess up along the way.  But the people who get the results they want have similarities:- they ask lots of questions
    – they take their goals seriously
    – they listen to our recommendations
    – they take action, and modify until they get their resultsTo watch a person say they want to do X, then educate themselves and take action to do X is an amazing process.  I haven’t run across a more rewarding and motivating situation in my life yet.

As I look over this list I see a commonality among all these things I have loved, and that have made my “job” a joy to do.  I love watching you all get BETTER.  And you are BETTER!  And so is CPM!  When I came here, even just a little over a year ago, things were different.  Chris, Annie, and I did things differently, the community was relatively small, and honestly it was a different environment.

Over that year we’ve grown, adding lots of new faces who care and are serious about their health and fitness.  Chris, Annie, and I have become more organized, tuning our focus to giving people the tools they need to achieve their health and fitness goals.  We’ve added classes, run challenges, had a few parties, and finished some killer workouts.  We’ve watched the community grow, both in skill and in overall fitness, and have had to adapt our philosophies to keep you challenged and engaged.  Progress is being made (and will continue), and that’s why I’ve loved being a part of CPM.

In a strange way, progress is perhaps part of the reason we’ve made the difficult decision to move on.  Angela and I will be relocating to Kansas City, and I’ll be starting a business of my own (not a gym, in case you were wondering :))  I’m going to argue that this is progress for me personally, and I’m both excited and terrified about it.  I will miss CPM and all of you.  We’ve shared some brutal workouts, made some brilliant progress, and had lots of fun doing it!

Keep up the great work here at CPM.  The future holds much excitement and unlimited progress.  It is my belief that our bodies are one of our most important assets.  Continue to maintain yours by challenging it in new and unique ways here at CPM!

P.S. this workout had nothing to do with my decision…..though I can’t say I’m happy about it 😉

The Oboard Says…

A. 25 Minute PT Grinder

B. Death by Over-the-Bar Burpee
(burpee increases by 2 every minute until the amount can no longer be completed in 1 minute)

Posted by: Stets