Stress Busters

Stress Buster #26: Exercise Everyday

It is impossible to go through life smooth sailing. Life has a way of testing YOU to make you grow. The true test is how you respond to situations versus how you react.
I found a great blog about 100 Ways to Overcome Stress. Here are some of my personal favs:
1. Forgive yourself for every mistake you’ve ever made.
2. Forgive others for their offenses against you.
3. Stop obsessing over things you can’t control.
4. Take breaks often to clear you mind.
5. Do one thing at a time.
6. Stop over analyzing and start doing.
7. Stop judging what others do or don’t do.
8. Learn to say no and really mean it.
9. Only add to your “to do” list after crossing 2 things off.
10. When you buy something new, get rid of something old.

13. Let go of trying to control everything.
18. Find reasons to laugh out loud several times a day.
19. Stop taking things personally, it’s not always about you!
26. Exercise every single day!
27. Don’t trade sleep for work.
28. Eat for nourishment not for comfort.
29. Express gratitude for the small things you appreciate.
41. Count your blessings every morning and every night.
51. Laugh at yourself.
52. Be early for everything so you don’t feel rushed.
53. Make peace of mind a high priority in your life.
100. Life isn’t always fair but it is still a gift, practice gratitude.

For the Full List go to advancedlifeskills blog

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